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  1. Cody will be appearing in ROH for sure.
  2. Briscoes vs FTR!!! Rush vs any one in AEW will be interesting. Bandido vs Fenix!!! Plenty of Very Good Matches coming up because of this. I just can't wait.
  3. Gresham vs Danielson!!! This will be a high level technical match for sure. I hope if this happens in the Future it will be in Pure Rules!!!
  4. AEW!!! Currently feuding with one of the Best in the Business right now and the Future of AEW. Maxwell Jacob Friedman MJF "I am Better than you and you know it!" - MJF CM Punk is putting over the Younger Wrestlers now. He is helping the Business build up its current and future Wrestlers.
  5. Darby Allin Returned to Defy!!! And offered Nick Wayne an AEW Contract. Then SW3RVE also returned then Challenged Nick. AWESOME!
  6. Unemployable - Pearl Jam
  7. Marker in the Sand - Pearl Jam
  8. World Wide Suicide - Pearl Jam
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