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  1. dati daily. not just once a day but every hour or so nagscroll ako. now once a week. probably even less. convos arent as stimulating as they were before.
  2. facebook is currently experiencing its worse outage in over 10 years and its stocks are dipping by as much as 3billion dollars worth near closing
  3. not sure if its really blue cheese or something else. but yeah kahit amoy lead fuel sobrang panalo with greens. di mo na hahanapin yung meat eh.
  4. just discovered Francescos in BGC last month. they have this cheese pizza that has not just cheddar or mozarella but the foreign kind of cheese na bluish green with a not so good smell but ansarap. and for 800pesos? panalo. best paired with their eggplant pasta.
  5. ewan ko now. but when we did a study with the doh among fast foods many many years ago wendys lang pumasa sa nutritional value. that pabeeda chain and that freaky clown and that old military officer all flunked.
  6. telepath. you can basically do and achieve anything you want if you can read and control peoples minds.
  7. any feedback re Diabo 2 re-release?
  8. 12.5 to 13 depende sa brand and style. at hindi totoo yung saying sa malaking paa 😂
  9. madalas brain... pero minsan brain ko din nagsasabe "eh gusto mo eh follow your heart! follow your dick!" 😂
  10. this is more of a tsambahan mode. no way a legitimate spa would outright offer es but nothing is impossible. ako mismo i was able to get a handjob with some fondling 2x sa isang daytime spa in makati thats located in somewhat of a mall (one of them openspace mall with several stores things). wag na mag pm at magask at magpabulong, defunct na tong lugar na to. my advice? treat the ladies with respect. wag masyado pahalata na es lang habol mo. remember, its an extra, not the main course. massage ang pinaka pinunta mo. also, dont force. pag nakatunog ka na ng ayaw or no, dont push it. sayang lang effort mo. finally, hindi criminal offense at hindi kapulis pulis ang mag inquire. hope that helps.
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