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  1. Reminded me when Henry Cavill was asked the question "playstation or Xbox" and with a scoffing expression he said, "PC!" 😅
  2. The Rumbling by SiM (Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan) A great masterpiece!
  3. Flight? It can be therapeutic sometimes
  4. For those in Manila especially in Ermita, you should try out Jazzela Music Lounge. They have their own in house jazz band and often they have themed nights like broadway, motown, etc.
  5. Sad that lovecorner have already stopped operations. Mas gusto ko na mag visit ng physical store kesa pa deliver online, at least I get to really see and feel the product first.
  6. Not sure if it really is "integral". But for as long as there is demand, there will always be a supply.
  7. Anong JTV na try mo boss? I've tried the New Zebra pero I was in a group. 500 is their rate for unli beers for two hours, wala pang kasama yun.
  8. Baliktad na ang mundo. Diesel being way cheaper before used to be the greatest factor but now the tables have turned.
  9. May naka subok na ba sa mga bagong clubs along Roxas boulevard?
  10. Any suggestions on direct download sites for series and movies?
  11. What are some of your recommended youtube video downloaders? I use to go on y2mate but suddenly they are down now, and wala na akong mahanap na decent na download site for youtube videos (di pa ako masyado mahilig sa extensions and download tools, though now considering na rin).
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