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  1. Delusion Pandemic - LAMB OF GOD
  2. Engage the Fear Machine - LAMB OF GOD
  3. Still Echoes - LAMB OF GOD
  4. Digital Sands - LAMB OF GOD
  5. Bury Me Under The Sun - LAMB OF GOD
  6. Terminally Unique - LAMB OF GOD
  7. Insurrection - LAMB OF GOD
  8. Wow Good for her!!! Another feather in the cap for her and the Hart Family!!!
  9. Scott Steiner was one Hell of a Wrestler both in Singles and Tag Team with his brother Rick. And was also an accomplished amateur wrestler!!!
  10. Triplemania Regia was Awesome!!! What a Ladder Match between FTR and Lucha Bros!!! Great Main Event!!! Jay Lethal, Bandido, Hijo del Vikingo, Bobby Fish and Samurau del Sol for the Championship!!! And an Awesome Tag Team Match between Dragon Lee and Dralistico vs Laredo Kid and Willie Mack!!! Plus a lot more of Good Matches!!!
  11. The Number Six - LAMB OF GOD
  12. The Undertow - LAMB OF GOD
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