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  1. my theology instructor (1st year college) used to pick on me. i was a late entry to the class. reported after she had arranged the alphabetical seating. i was just placed at the last row. she had a thing against me. always criticized and found fault with my answers during orals. fortunately i had excellent grades on the written exams. and since i was not in the alphabetical seating sequence (should have been in the middle somewhere instead of last row) she must have failed to match my face with the name so i still got good grades.
  2. PE teacher 1st yr HS. Lit teacher 2nd yr. Economics teachers (2 sila) sa 3rd yr.
  3. i could have been; but i did not want to sipsip
  4. my first three would be yesterday in my life the long and winding road or penny lane something i will and if i get a bonus fool on the hill
  5. i grew up listening to classical music. too many to name. my fm station of choice is 98.7 (dzfe) except when they're preaching.
  6. people you know and respect leaving this world. a mom in law and a nephew in law. all in one week. then a first cousin, second cousin and a lola in bad shape. sabay sabay.
  7. my boss once referred to me as batman cause i loved working late. no distractions, no calls. just me.
  8. barrett m95. hk mp7 walther ppk winchester 12 gauge.
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