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MTC Lesson Of The Day

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poknat...paturo pano gumawa ng coin purse :lol:



kagabe..i learned na kahit badtrip ka and u feel that the whole world's against u..bgla mong makikita ung mga totoong mong kaibigan ready to lend u a hand :*


natutunan ko rin na pag may hawak akong chicken skin *esp kfc or jolibee* or nachos na ubod ng dami ng cheese..kelangan mo protektahan ito kasi bglang aagawin ito ni poknat at lalamunin sa harap mo like cookie monster. :cry: nabiktima na nman ako kagabe :lol:

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hi props! nice thread u got here!

btw, i mishu na! kape tayo nila swit one time!

ok... ok... m not here na pang-offtopic lang!




for the past few days and weeks,

i have learned that there are members

who just dont play deaf and mute in following

rules. wala ka ng magawa kasi...


how pathetic!!!!

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Sureness, C3!  Kape ever ito!


Ako I learned today from swit that pre-marital sex is bad.


Guess who's been a reeaaaaallly bad moderator.  :lol:

soooooo extra-marital sex is cool???? :unsure:


errrrhhhhhh the answer would be.....moi!!!! :upside:


and Angel Eyes.... we learned the same lesson.... except that mine said....



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ANg lesson of the day ko Wolfie, mod dog daw yan.  :lol: :P


lessons for the day...


1. i need to sharpen my mtc antenna more.

i am so clueless with the who's and the what's..

i need to know more about what's juicy and what's stale!




2. i have learned and prove that there are

people who does not have delicadeza at all!

take two na ito pero its soooooo apt kasi.... HOW PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!



3. na hindi talaga puwede ihalo ang langis sa tubig!

mero lang talagang... STINKING TO THE MAX!!!!!

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