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MTC Lesson Of The Day

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Guest the_eight_of_orbs

i've learned, not today though.... that you can mae real friends in the net... just have to be very very careful who you hook up with... :)

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Guest the_eight_of_orbs

i've learned through other people, that to avoid receiving MERCY f#&kS, splitting the date bill when you expect the guy to pay for everything (cuz he WAS smitten), getting dumped in the middle of a date, and being one-wayed during one-on-one EBs, IS JUST BE YOURSELF. DO NOT CREATE FALSE IMAGES OF YOURSELF ON THE BOARD. DO NOT LIE ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK. AND DO NOT PRETEND TO BE SOMEONE ELSE.


CUZ in the end, mababasyo ka din naman e. :P :lol:

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Guest the_eight_of_orbs
Lesson #5


"There's a difference between patients and patience"


ok lang yan dkn,... tao lang :D

MTC grammatical errors thread perhaps? :) :lol:

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feeling newbie ba si Killer5..... cutiepie naman!!!! kasi kung saan-saan ka tumatambay eh... :lol:



I learned that Manyaks have hearts of gold..... both men and women.... and they are quick to help another member or run to their aid. :heart:

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natutunan ko tumawa ulit ng sobrang lakas with my alcoholic friends

natutunan kong tanggapin pagka abnoy ni edward aka killer5 kasi abnoy din daw ako sabi nya

natutunan ko na sa spin da bottle, kung ayaw mo magpakiss....magagalit si delisyus :lol:

natutunan ko na meron pa ring mga tunay na kaibigan dito sa mtc...

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