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Mobile Cellphone Games


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NOKIA pre-installed games:



Snake II


Pairs II

Space Impact



Reversi (Nokia 9110 CD)


Pre-installed but eraseable:


Racket (6310i downloadable)

Triple Pop





Sniper (killing gophers)

Admiral (just like an early 80s video game Depthcharge)

Beachsweeper (2-D version of Beachhead)

Ancient Empires (engrossing)

Tank Terror (not bad)

Sea Rescue (same as an old Nintendo Game & Watch game)

Tank Defender (sucks)

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i have PipeWorks... parang pipedream... masaya... kaka-addict!!


tsaka yung favorite ko na minigolf...


oh.. im using a T610

nabuhay muli itong thread na ito. thanks marc.alan, i guess not everybody here play games on their cellphone.


latest games installed in my nokia 6600:


1. Mosquitos - shooter

2. Killer Virus - shooter

3. Space Impact - shooter/arcade

4. Space Impact Revolution X - shooter/arcade

5. Darts - sports

6. Rock-o-Ban - puzzle

7. Handy Reversi - puzzle

8. Goldminer - puzzle

9. Amoebas - shooter

10. Ghost Planet - shooter

11. Caveman - puzzle/arcade

12. Caveman - Christmas edition

13. Jam - shooter/arcade

14. Mini-Golf - sports

15. Gem Jam - puzzle

16. Tetris - the ever popular puzzle game


- it's best to buy a CD filled with these game application, installation via infra-red device connected to your PC (USB). Installing games via the muslim vendors at greenhills is a RIPPED-OFF.

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