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At some point in my life I have sought that elusive HAPPINESS, trying to discover what makes me happy.


But as time went by, it dawned on me that happiness need not be sought and it's just around you waiting to be found. It's the small, trivial things in life and the least expected. Happiness is in me and it is just how I perceive things to be.


For you, What makes you happy?




A train ride. Soaking in the sights and that wonderful destination.

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...finding that last pair of clean socks that you so desperately need

...suddenly finding yourself in a good conversation with your significant other after being both very busy with other stuff

...having champorado and tuyo on a rainy morning

...finding a piso that completes a payment for something and you didn't have to pay using the bills in your wallet

...sitting in a crowded bus, trapped in manila traffic, and you didn't have to drive because of coding after a rough day at the office

...sharing your umbrella with an old woman trying to cross the street amidst the heavy rain


it's all those little things that fills the heart

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1. abundance of FREE TIME

2. good health (can walk, can talk, can make someone happy in bed)

3. abundance of NET CASH


this 3 basic things carry 50% of my happiness.


4. presence of family

5. presence of friends


this is important. they make me sane and makes me feel good.


6. nice house

7. nice car


this makes me look good.


8. a partner in life. (may or may not come) I wont depend on a partner for happiness. (most of time it flips and becomes a nightmare hehehe)

9. vacations


distractions in life...


10. charity


sharing your blessings is the paramount way of being happy. one cannot share if his stash is not enough. one can share what little he has but will not last for long... one must strive to provide for himself and for all. improve your ways and you can share in great abundance :) more sharing, more happiness :)

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