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Now let's start the kick and share anything about it and of course our experience/s.



People Are Already Flipping Pokémon Go Accounts


Pokémon Go is a little more than a week old, but its rise to the top of App Store charts has prompted a surge in cottage industries. Rideshare drivers chauffeur players around to catch Pokemon and check in at Poke Stops. Businesses are using Lures—for the low, low rate of $1.19 per hour—to draw customers and boost sales. Thumbtack, an online marketplace for expert services, is soliciting Pokemon experts to guide n00bs.

And now users with high-level accounts featuring the hottest Pokemon are selling to players willing to pay a premium to avoid grinding (and walking—lots and lots of walking). You can find Pokémon Go accounts, from levels in the high teens to the low 20s, with powerful and rare Pokemon for sale on Craigslist, Facebook and elsewhere. More here.



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My nephew is in the Phils but he was able to download it successfully by modifying the IP address.


yeah, it's possible but it'd be buggy ata if you do that. We really enjoy pirating stuff, huh? :lol:



I think, Niantic's reasoning why Pokemon Go is still not released here in the PH, as well as SEA and Japan, is because mas maraming players ang papasok sa mga servers here than the 26 new countries na inannounce nila.


yeah, though I think the Philippines would be clustered under the Americas region a la Battle.Net (it's slower if a Filipino player connects to the Asian server)

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So far, here in the U.S., my experience with it is great. There are times where it gets laggy and you pretty much don't have a choice but to force close, sucks if you're in a middle of catching a new pokemon. Pokemon Go really made those geeks who play PC 24/7 go out to the malls, parks, and etc. and interact with others. Unfortunately, there are still some opportunistic people who would lure other players into a poke stop then makes a jump on them.

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yeah, it's possible but it'd be buggy ata if you do that. We really enjoy pirating stuff, huh? :lol:


And a possible effect that your account be banned. Just like what happened in Canada or in some other areas.



there are already reports of Canadian Pokemon GO players having their accounts banned from the game. Link.



Be warned. Here's what happens if you're caught cheating in Pokémon Go.

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I have it already. and been playing it for 3 days now.

ang hirap lang makahanap, mukhang wala pang masyadong pokemon drops dito sa area natin. Pero meron na kong default pokemon - Bulbasaur


just follow these steps here:





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