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Musta? How Are You Today? Happy? Sad? etc.

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ako sad. super sad. kse nag punta ako sa internet cafe para makachat yung my one and only love ko para makita sya sa web cam. pero kanis kse di gumagana kse firewall error daw. kaya hayun. lungkot. pero maya maya e sasaya na din ako.

awww thats too bad. sorry to hear that. but dont worry sabi mo nga mamya makikita mo na rin siya hehe.. mas sweet nga yan eh kasi u will miss her even more.. :P

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btw to those who are interested... masaya si joeythekid. why? basahin nyo to!!



It was dark, one can see the moon up above the sky, stars are everywhere but its hard to notice them because of the city lights. Our poor joey is nervous, very nervous... what could happen tonight? he asked hiself.. will she still accept me? will i win her back?? the clock is ticking... joey is rushing.. rushing through the crowds, running, then he stops and is just walking... inhales... exhales.. he is breathing heavily...

He entered the mall... mmmmmm ooooOOO(saan nga ulit kami magmi-meet) he thought... he continued walking...

then suddenly, he smelled something... mmmmm i know that aroma... mmmmm.. where is it?? joey asked... he looked around... looking for the smell... i know this smell.. then he felt something on his shoulder as the aroma grows strong.. its getting closer and closer... when he turned around.. there she is... HIS GIRL.. standing infront of him with a welcoming smile and warmth all over her.

he cant take his eyes of her... ahhh.. those eyes that touched Joey's heart and soul... the nose he likes to rub on his nose... the smile that eases his tension..

Hi joey. said the girl... ahhh the voice that calms him down, makes him happy, turns him on all at the same split second... Both were lost on their own thoughts.. it might be because of the magnitude of each other's presence.. the people all over the mall... or they just dont know what to say to each other after a month of not seeing...

ahhh it was just a month ago when they ended it... it was just like yesterday.. the pain, the agony.. the miseries...

but hey! snapped joey.. lets go back to the reality.. its all over now.. the pain and miseries. this is the present. i have to do everything to have her back. i love her so...

and just like magic, as if the gilr is reading joey's mind... i love you too joey.. more than you will ever know...


to be continued....

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i'm good...aalis kami mamaya ng family ko. masaya kasi it's something na we haven't done in a while. it doesn't matter kung may mabili ako mamaya. what matters is that magkakasama kami, talk about our lives...ganun...

awwww.. :D thats great! ang sarap talaga ng feeling when we get out and spend a day with our family.. no works, no school, etc.. kayo-kayo lang... have fun!!

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