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What's Your First Impression Of MTC


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I saw this in one of the articles of EL GIMIKERO in FHM.. I told myself to give it a try...... then pag register ko... sabi ko " Ang boring nman, puro sulat..." ... tpos may mga FR's akong nabasa tungkol kay LD in one of the computers sa work... na intriga ako... sinearch ko cya sa google... naka point ng name ni LD sa manila tonight..... tpos create ako ulit bgong log in kasi matagal n ung huling log in ko...... natuklasan kong amuzing... very amuzing... and you can meet up with a lot of people..... wholesome and manyaks alike..... :D :cool: ...... I've been missing alot pala... very informative din.... dpat nag focus agad ako dati para nakasama agad ako sa mga EB's at adventures... har har har... babawi ako.... :evil:

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Oh goodness! :blink:


My 1st impression...this is a MANIAC's domain! I heard a lot of stories about what's happening in here. But after reading the threads, there were some cool topics too. Like my friend said, it is a melting pot with different variety of people. (the sosy, the pa-sosy, the curious, the cheap, the jologs, the maniacs, the perverts, etc.)


I'm just curious if there are really GOOD LOOKING people in here. :P Maybe I should attend the EBs. :upside:

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