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What's Your First Impression Of MTC


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My first few visits to the site were focused entirely on the MP threads cuz a friend of mine mentioned that the reviews were here :blush:. In fact, I became an MP expert because of those threads. Note that at this point, I never made a single post. So my first impression on the site was this was a SEX site.


After I got tired of looking at the threads (I mean, you can only have so much sex...:) ), I started browsing the other threads, and lo and behold, there was much more to MTC than raw sex. I saw a lot of intelligence, maturity, and open-mindedness in the posts (of course, there were also some totally idiotic posts -- this is a democratic site after all, and it would go against the very tenets of this concept to screen out these posts -- but these are largely exceptions rather than the rule) and got hooked, started a few tentative posts of my own (some of them probably idiotic as well, but hey, democracy cuts both ways, right?) and even opened up a few threads (look at my signature and participate please???), the most successful of which was the intellectual Dagdag...Bawas...Jambol (sorry, the marketing guy in me just has to do some advertising...may premyo naman e. BTW, the game is on its second round, and the prize is REAL...Ask the winner), and, as of this posting, I should become a ROOM OWNER in less than 200 posts, which should be achieved in about 2 weeks....Sorry...I'm rambling...Its just that I love this site so much!!!! :lol:



PEACE!!!! :D

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i've heard of the site through FHM (thanks ElG!), but i haven't registered immediately... when i read about MTC i thought at first that it was about guys and girls who got together strictly just to get laid... but after i registered and saw what really went on behind the curtains, i may have been a little bit wrong... it's not just about sex... although sex is an integral part of MTC... it's also about meeting new people and exploring new horizons... freedom of speech...

kudos to BizMan and the rest of the crew!!!

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way before i discovered the vip rooms existence, and how cool AND active the membership was, and just how many underground *este* undercover *este* under-night (better :rolleyes: ) gimmicks MTC really had...


i thought it was a pretty KEWL resource...

for instance, i learned about VINTA's existence in alabang/paranaque..*heheh* :P

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:cry: :cry: :cry: ewan ko ba hindi kumpleto araw ko pag d ko navisit e2ng mtc,.,.,. i think kapuso at kapamailya 2 simula nung nadiskubre ko 2 ,.,. napapahayag ko ung feelings at emotions ko na d ko mapakita,.,. cguro you all know me as pool parrot ,.,. maingay madalda,.,.pro sa totoong buhay shy type to.,,..,pro thanx al lot for mtc,.,.,. for bringing up the real me.,,.,. i love mtc!!!!!!!!!!!!ilove you all!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc:

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over the past few years i have been a member of many on line familys all over the world. found some very strict on one thing and very loose or non-strict on other things, for example many clubs will ban or quickly lock a thread if people start to flame in any way. i thought that was dumb, after all you can not really ban people only their screen name they just come back undercover and start a flame war.


so it seem to make a small problem larger and does not fix any thing although it may seem to at first. so i like the way MTC does mot lock threads as soon as people start to argue a little as some of the other clubs do,MTC is the most fun club i have been apart of, and i come here first, and often don't have time to surf to the other clubs coz i spent all my time here.


it seems MTC is more strict about off topic posting then any of the other clubs that i have been to. i don't see the harm if a member will make a few off topic posts, could it k*ll the topic? i don't think so if it's a good topic the members of that thread will change the topic back to what they want to talk about.

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online pickup venue...


until ive met and befriend the PANGETz wholesome people.


i've made barkadas out of them and learned clean fun without having sex.


my impression changed then on.


but... i do sex with MTC gurls pa rin. shhh...

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