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Favorite Japanese, Korean, or Chinese Martial Arts Movies?

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Sexy swordswomen rivalry, intelligent plot surprises, cinematic action choreography, tight witty screenplay, tear flooding drama, what more do you want?


Excerpt from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadowless_Sword:


The film is set after the fall of Sanggyeong, the capital of Balhae in 926. Dongdan Kingdom dispatches the Chucksaldan (a.k.a. Killer Blade Army) to find and k*ll the last remaining member of the Balhae royal family, exiled prince Jeong-hyun, to prevent the possible reconstruction of Balhae. Prime Minister Lim Sun-ji, on the other hand, sends a young, talented swordswoman, Yeon So-ha, to find Prince Jeong-hyun first and bring him back safely. Jeong-hyun, however, is reluctant to come and fight for the throne, still bitter about his unfair exile. The rest of the movie follows So-ha and Jeong-hyun's journey as they fight their way back to the capital, fall in love and whether or not Jeong-hyun manages to reconstruct the fallen kingdom of Balhae.

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Dragon Tiger Gate


Ass kicking Good vs. Evil comic book adaptation, with some sprinkling of sexy scenes & childhood issues resolution.


Excerpt from http://www.rottentom...on_tiger_gate/:


SPL collaborators Donnie Yen and Wilson Yip join forces once again for this high-energy adaptation of Wong Yuk-Ling's popular manga Dragon and Tiger Heroes. The Dragon Tiger Gate is a Hong Kong martial arts dojo co-founded by the descendents of Dragon (Yen) and Tiger (Nicholas Tse). Separated as children, Tiger fights for the cause of good and Dragon goes to work for fearsome drug smuggler Ma Kun (Chen Kuan-tai). As the action gets under way, Tiger gets into a scrap with Ma Kun's gang and ends up in possession of the Lousha Plaque - a sacred icon of immense value to the powerful criminals. Though Ma Kun and Dragon allow Tiger to abscond with the Lousha Plaque for the time being, Dragon soon sets out to recover the object as nunchaku-spinning warrior Turbo (Shawn Yue) makes his presence known. As Tiger attempts to lure Dragon away from the dark side, the pair is forced to work together for the first time in years in order to defeat formidable Lousha Gang leader Shibumi (Yu Kang), whose penchant for one-on-one fights sets the stage for an explosive climax. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi




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RASHOMON Directed by Akita Kurosawa Starring Toshiro Mifune




ENTER THE DRAGON Starring Bruce Lee




AKIRA KUROSAWA Best Asian Film Director of all time

ANG LEE Honorable Mentions



BRUCE LEE All Time Best Actor of the Martial Arts Movie Genre

TOSHIRO MIFUNE Honorable Mentions


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