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Best way to secure important files in your computer

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Secure important files. Zip and encypt.


7zip for zipping. Truecrypt for encyption.


And then move files to a USB drive or eternal HDD. Then if truly serious, put the USB/HDD in a fireproof box.


I disagree that the cloud is a good idea if security is the issue. As we all know, other people have hacked into the cloud. All they need is to guess your password, and all your sensitive files are compromised.

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truecrypt is very good. however, it has been discontinued.


And the authors actually says to stop using it already and move to things like Bitlocker. Chances are the encryption has already been cracked by sophisticated organizations (like the USA's NSA), but it is still "safe" (not a malware) to use.

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For information security, hindi pwede encryption lang. O kaya'y back-up lang. Information security is the preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability.


Confidentiality is making information accessible for authorized users only.

Integrity pertains to the reliability of information.

Availability is making sure information is available.


Yan dapat ang approach to complete information security. Hindi pwedeng isang aspeto lang.

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saw a post few threads back by yea, if you really want to keep it safe and secret but backed up


-create a encrypted container

that container will be encrypted with lets say aes

-create another container within that one you just created

this container will be encrypted with say aes-twofish or seperant-twofish (which ever)


> passwords to decrypt nothing similar and at least 16-26 characters

-place in a redudent area (redudent drive, cloud etc)


>>overall concept you want to make it super difficult to access for anyone else

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