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Video Games You're Playing Now


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So what video games are we currently playing ???? It doesn't neccessarily have to be the latest or the hottest game in the market (though thats perfectly alright). I admit I still play some of the older games like Plants vs Zombies (on my PC and on the iPad) and Burger Shop2 (on the PC)


Screenshots are most welcome.

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The goal is to raise and nurture dragons ........ the bigger they are, the more money they earn for you.






* one drawback to this game is that you have to be constantly connected to wifi

* don't worry if you are not regularly feeding your dragons. (they won't perish, but they won't grow)

* you start with the basic dragons like plant dragon, earth dragon and fire dragon. As you level up you will be able to crossbreed different types of dragons.

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This classic arcade PC game is now with the IPAD ....... your goal is simple, serve beer to all your thirsty customers and hopefully avoid breaking too many beer mugs.






I actually find it easier to move around using the ipads touch screen as opposed before to using the keypad on the PC.


I'm currently playing the free version but I won't hesitate to pay for the Full Version. Unfortunately, I think there is a bug so I can't make any purchases.

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Genre: Space Horror First Person Shooter (well actually, not "gunview" but more of a "from behind the shoulder" view)


Cool Factor:


1. A really eerie and grotesque environment (lots of blood and dead bodies). Even the monsters are gut wrenching ugly.

2. Weapons are cool too. There is this weapon which can slice the monsters into two. (too bad no shotgun, but there is a automatic pulse rifle)

3. Quite challenging as the monsters will jump on you from different directions. (slice a monster into two and the upper half will still come at you)

4. After you take down the monster, you can punch or stomp it further for more blood. (and to get the dropped items). Or if you have extra ammo, blow them up some more.


ps: these are (unfortunately) not my actual screenshots. (I copied them online)





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Ugg boots are not the cheapest boots in the planet but they are relaxed and well worth the funds. There are a amount of added benefits that you can gain from sporting Uggs, regardless of whether your winter months are rainy and snowy or regardless of whether you have scorching weather conditions all yr all-around.


The first reward is that they are so uncomplicated to place on, especially the traditional Ugg boot designs. The Uggs just slip onto the feet and there is no want to assume about fastening buckles or tying laces. This is ideal for all those rushing out of the house or individuals who just want a thing simple to set on their ft. The simple to pull on is also ideal for ugg boots for sale little ones particularly all those who still want to understand how to UGG Bailey Button Boots tie their laces.


Yet another wonderful point about Ugg boots is that they are relaxed to have on. The soles are reasonably thick, which means you will not come to feel the cobbles underneath your feet. The fleece on the within allows to regulate the temperature of the ft, which is excellent no matter if you are walking around UGG Boots Clearance in the winter season or the summer months. There are some styles made into slippers simply because they are so comfortable.


There are now as numerous as patterns for Ugg boots but even the regular design and style performs properly with nearly anything that you want to put on. You can now acquire Uggs in vivid hues, which allows to carry out particular tastes. These boots can be worn with a variety of apparel, which include skirts and jeans.


The difficulty is that the content is not the ideal for damp temperature. You can get around this by acquiring great drinking water repellent so that you UGG Ultra Boots do not destroy the content. When worn in the rain or snow, the sheepskin content will let the h2o in, which signifies that ft get wet. The fleece will consider to stop this but they are not made for major rainfall.


You will require to purchase Uggs in at minimum a person measurement scaled-down than you usually dress in. The material UGG Classic Boots does stretch, which will lead to them falling off your ft through time. Try out a pair on in the keep and walk around for a although ahead of you opt to buy them.






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