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Philadelphia 76ers

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hear ye hear ye :headsetsmiley: seems like philly 76ers is among the tops in the east next season....... with a starting five composed of Dalembert , Iguodala, Miller, Young & the newly acquired ELTON BRAND plus some youngster off the bench , they can really be good. Making the playoff is without a problem ( unless some one impt got injured ) ...but are they good enough to go to the EASTERN FINALS( dont dream of getting to the FINALS yet :upside: ) ?


It would'nt surprise me if they get more Free Agents to beef up their lineup.......maybe an outside shooter ?


What ya think guys and gals? :goatee:

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may impact pa ba si brand?


Barring injuries, Elton Brand is a force down low.. Although undersized in the low block, Brand can score, rebound and defend.. Impact? At the very least, Philly now has a go to guy in the middle.. Iggy, Thadd Young and Miller now has someone to lean to if they can't create.. With Miller's passing abilities, Brand can really flourish in Philly..


Rodney Carney, I heard, will be let go to create more cap space.. Any truth on this?

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adding brand to the line up gives more muscle inside the paint in defending and blocking the lane and can be a force to be reckon with in post up sans injuries, definitely the steal of the day...is josh smith next? hmm...let's see there was a rumor that the philly were more interested in josh smith before making drastic measures in acquiring brand, now that they have brand, it seems more that the position of no. 4 has been filled and can let go of smith, since the style and brand of play are alike of iguodala hmm....let's see since the free agency just started

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i think this is it for the sixers .. only money they can offer is mid level exception .. looks like jj reddick might be free for the sixers to pick up .. no more big names for the sixers this year .. and a very big chance that some team can offer big money to igoudala which the sixers might not be able to match


only way the sixers were able to afford brand is bec this year most if not all of AI's money is off the books .. deal wouldve never happened otherwise...


hawks made it clear that they would match any offer for smith.. and atlanta has way more cap space than the sixers .. with the max of 82 mill the sixers can offer they felt that smith would just end up back in ATL ... while brand was an unrestricted free agent .. the deal would only be between brand and the sixers .. no need to get the clips involved


welcome bandwaggoneeers .....

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well, there has been no indication--so far, at least--from Davis' party that he's gonna walk out on the Clips.

and what's more, there just won't be that kind of deal for him elsewhere.

Baron Davis is an LA dude and this will be a homecoming for him more than anything.


as for Philly, that's it.

no more earth-shaking moves for them or at least nothing that the cap won't allow.

they just need to sign Dre Iggy and this squad is ready to roll.

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wow me naglakas ng loob ngang gumawa ng thread. congrats tol mazinger hehehe baka mabansagan kang bandwagoner yan ah hehehe o BRAND-wagoner hehehe


ako Heat pa din kahit nandyan si Brand pero aminado ako malakas na nga ang Sixers ngayon hindi man malaki ang expectations sa kanila tulad ng Celtics pero dapat pumasok sila ng playoffs tapos East semis man lang. mababa dun eh kahihiyan sa management nila hehehe pero shempre dapat ang Miami namin mag playoffs ulet hehehe



good luck Sixers kitakits sa playoffs (naks sana nga magplayoffs Miami, hehehe)

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my friend, Mike_Lowrey21, there's a soft spot in my heart ang 76ers.....hehehe...........the name reminds of dr.J, barkley n iverson :thumbsupsmiley:



ok lang yan mazinger tol. hindi naman siguro mababaw yung ibang tao dito sa mtc at masabihan kang BRAND-wagoner, hehehehe

wala namang batas na nagsasabi na dapat isang team lang ang gusto mo sa NBA eh hehehe kaya hayaan mo sila. kaya bilib din ako ke the_joker eh. nasabihang bandwagoner dahil nalitaw lang pag nanalo Celtics eh kaso nanalo eh hehehe ganun talaga shempre kung talo team mo masisisi mo ba yung iba kung damdamin nila pagkatalo? hehehe

buti na lang sanay na ako sa pagkatalo talunan na Miami buong taon last year eh hehehe kaya manalo matalo Heat ako hehehe pero shempre bilib ako ke BRAND. Kahit sabihan pa akong BRAND-wagoner, hehehe

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