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Fave Nba/pba Duo

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Too many, and it comes in different combinations


old guard and young center? Robertson and Abdul-Jabbar

young guard and old center? Shaq and Wade

twin towers? Robinson and Duncan, Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson (although short-lived)

tandem guards? Thomas and Dumars, Walt Frazier and Earl Monroe (70's Knicks)

interchangeable wing men? Jordan and Pippen (arguably the best duo of all time)

traditional pick-and-rollers? Stockton and Malone

best buddies? Nowitzki and Nash

2 big egos? Shaq and Kobe

2 high scorers? Anthony and Iverson, Elgin Baylor and Jerry West (both averaged for more than 27 ppg)

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And the partnership even extends after their playing days. Stockton and Malone recently opened a Honda car dealership in Salt Lake City. The name of the dealership is, well you guessed it right: "Stockton to Malone". And the dealership's catch phrase? "We assist and deliver" :thumbsupsmiley:


Here's their website: http://www.stocktontomalonehonda.com/




nice info bro! hahaha now thats business! i just hope stockton could dish out many assists inorder for this business to succeed! honda? in utah? good luck!

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