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Guest Dennis®
Guys meron po ba na way to determine the through put of my network / internet/ broadband? thanks po


yes there is. it's a software called "Bandwidth Monitor" by Rokario


there are 2 versions, the "Lite" and the "Pro"


Lite = freeware

Pro = you have to buy it. :P


all you need is to monitor your speed, right? just DL the Lite edition. that will do.


Click Here

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Guys I have ADSL connection 4Mbps/1Mbps and it was soooooooo cool, 2 days ago it started to seem that there is something is suckin all the speed, i thought its some sort of virus or trojan but i scanned it with avast I.S. and MWB and its all clean and i know that my PC is clean but i wanted to be sure,


so i think that there is a program is suckin all the connection, so there is a program i can track every single program which use my internet connection ?? or i can monitor my bandwidth and which program is getting and sending this HUGE data


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