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Brain Vs Heart Vs Sexual Urges

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so, do you agree in the "love is a learned emotion" qoute?.


in a way yes...

kasi di ba when you're in a realtionship you always think and play the game what if...

what if ganyan, what if gan'to, and so on and so forth.......

never in any part of the relationship that you're not thinking...

well, those who don't are more than likely to fail in a relationships...

they're the kind that have "their" world revolve around their certain "love".


it might be a learned emotion... but it's a strong one... and will always be remembered

even after you're hurt and wan't to forget...

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Cool thread!


I was amused by the fact that some of the members tried to answer the question with a scientific answer.


Please allow me to share a piece of my mind about the issue.


I do agree that the heart is just a muscle and that the brain is the one dictating our emotions and feelings via the hormones and chemicals that it secretes. However, I think that science can never ever truly define love. Science exists because of hard facts and statistics that can be tangled with. Love is not like that…it is not matter that we can create or destroy. It does not have any measurements nor does it have any statistical values. How can your brain comprehend something that your five senses can not? How can your heart feel something if it is just a muscle within your body and the stimuli is something (or someone) from the outside?


In my opinion, it’s the whole being of the person that feels and understands what love is. Not just the brain…not just the heart…it’s the person in his or her entirety.


Damn. I really am too drunk….

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when youre falling in love do you really ask yourself where is the feeling coming from?


doesnt it just make you happy and feel something unexplainable to the point you simply want to explode in delight?


when youre in love your mind wonders endlessly and your heart beat is rapid,


cant we just say its both of them in unison?


how come then sometimes you already feel youre in love but you doubt it? tug of war of the heart and mind?


and when you fall out of love it seems that both the heart and mind are both going offline...

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it should be both...but the heart is very decietful...the brain should think but consulf the heart =] hirap gawin,hirap unawain ...other people say n iapglalaban ko kahit mahirap,against all odds...-heart ang nag isip nyan =] nothing wrong , romantic p nga pakingan eh...pero you have to think of your future din. kung same yung goal nyo and i guess kahit against yung odds kakayanin yan....labo ko pero final it should be 50.5%brain 49.5% heart =] yan very close contest =]

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Sa lalake - the lower head sometimes dominates the upper head

Sa babae - the heart sometimes dominates the brain


In any case, laging conflict yang dalawang yan..


Sometimes you're not IN LOVE, you're IN LUST.. tama ba?


Again, it starts with being IN LUST -> just the physical attraction (everyone starts here). Puro HEART lang yan, and EMOTION.


It becomes LOVE -> when you show somebody your dedication to the partnership over a period of time (through hail,sleet, or snow).. medyo this requires a mix of HEART and BRAIN dahil hindi ka naman laging head over heels (or in LUST) with somebody na kasama mo araw araw diba? it's close to impossible. So, medyo pa-iiralin mo rin yung BRAIN power mo to sustain the relationship.


It's a hard balancing act.. but that's what it takes I guess..


Does this make sense guys?

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When you're in love.... is it the brain that's acting and telling you you're in love or is it the heart? :blink:


for me it's the heart...


but then again mom told me that's why God placed the brain above the heart for you to use it :P

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siguro, madalas ang heart ang unang naiisip ng tao when it comes to love is because of the thought that love is synonymous to life. without love there's no life. heart pumps blood and distribute it to all body organs to survive, to continue to live. and whenever we, or the people we are madly in love with fall out of love, we feel like dying for a period of time.


the brain is very a mysterious organ. no one has ever measured it's greatness. from how we learn things, we memorize details even colors. it's incredible. same with how we feel. they said, our emotions is because of our pineal gland. hindi ko na maalala kung saan siya exactly located sa brain but this secretes hormones especially melatonin which affects our moods and emotions. this is what dictates our reactions to certain kinds of situations.


however, i can't merely say puso o utak ba talaga ang nagdidikta ng love. i don't think so. if one thing's for sure. heart controls vitality, brain functions for cognition and comprehension.


love is very mysterious that no one can ever exactly define it because love doesn't fall on one category, theme or whatever. it is seen and felt in different aspects, in different ways. from parents to children, friends to lovers and even to strangers..


i guess this is what makes humans unique among any other animals in the animal kingdom. we don't just survive. we live. but we don't just live, we love.

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you really cant tell...i think you should have to weigh one to another but who ever did that must be one perfect person! i mean no one can ever do it, its either one way or another..and when you're together you just weigh everything perfectly...your mind and heart make you think other wise..just have sex....thats it!

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feelings are associated with the heart, so it's the heart.


the brain is programmable and with enough discipline, can be conditioned. the heart, on the other hand, is different. there is no logic when you're in love. girls maintain a checklist, but the next guy they fall for may not even fit their specs. :P

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