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Philosphy: What Are Your Beliefs/ideology?

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I am FREE. God gave me that freedom. And the world of men can not take that freedom away. For as long as in the exercise of my freedom I do not impinge on the freedom of others, I shall do as I please. In the end, I am only accountable to myself... and to God.


I don't give a fcuk what the world thinks.

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Just like what I had always in mind.....


We suffer because some of MANs restrictions/rules/imposition/expectations/etiquettes/quotas/commercialism/etc.




We waste a lot of FISH, because we mass produce and canned them. Are all canned fish on the market today, consumed? Nope, there will be waste.

Why do some people have stomach problems? In my opinion, coz they hold their gases-in. Like sherk once said, its better out than in. Burp it or fart it, much better. What's holding you? Ahh Etiquette.


Hope some got my point.

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my philosophy in life would be is to be fiercely independent as much as possible, have principles and don't be afraid of what people think about you and your decisions in life. Always stand for yourself and your beliefs, its a natural high for people who established such beliefs, i for one sturggle with the painful throngs of biased relationships and people, its turns out that as we grow up, it doesnt matter what they think anymore. Your decisions are somehow influenced by people who think that you should set them as an example for your own good. Aparently, these people live in their mediocrity..Submerge yourself from all that crap and be your own person.My father gave me sound advice about this..

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The one thing that has elevated me and helped me get this far in life

is just one simple rule: "I Live a Purpose-Driven Life".


It is when you stop having POSITIVE goals and objectives that produces

positive RESULTS in your life that you start to depreciate, fade away, and



Feel the blood rushing into your veins when you wake up in the morning

and you can't wait to tackle your objectives and solve the difficult problems

thrown your way. Revel in the mighty feeling of being able to overcome

and find solutions to obstacles that lie in your path.


If life is just a game, then the objective is to WIN it!

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