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Worst Games You've Ever Played


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  • 4 weeks later...
Guest Dobermaxx

I've played a lot of stinkers in my time. For every great game out there there are at least 50 crappy ones. Bass fisherman kinda stands out as one of the more memorable wastes of time.

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  • 2 weeks later...

waaaaaa crappy games....sigh the nightmares....the frustration


airwolf - nes (crappolia, this game sux ass man)


blaze and blade - ps (wat a crap game...it took u 30 secs of loading

time to get u into a room for christ sake)


willy wonka - ps2 ( what a load of crap the movie was awsome this

sucks, my brother bought it)


beyblade- ps (i simply dun get this game)

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  • 2 weeks later...
There are a lot of crappy titles out there. Most suck so much you don't even wanna remember their names  :excl:


But I think a lot of the crappy games are movie spin-offs. Bihira lang magkakaron ng game based from a movie na astig  <_<



Perfect Weapon (PS1)


a guy on an alien planet? losing life coz its too cold outside? doing martial arts moves on freakin aliens? sheesh! never got off the first stage!!!! CRAPPY! to the max!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Michigan: Report from Hell.


I was intrigued because you play a cameraman following a news crew as the city is attacked by these weird monsters... Plus sabi sa ad, you get to shoot women in compromising situations for added points (haha... I know, i have to get out more)! :D


Sounds interesting right? But the game itself is crap. It plays more like a point and click adventure game than a survival horror. What's even more dissapointing is that I'm halfway through it and I've endured what is possibly the lousiest voice acting in game history but I've yet to see dang women in compromising situations!

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