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I Got Spyware In My Pc!

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I just been recently hit by a variety of spyware. Spybot S&D flushed them all out. But not without difficulty.


Watch out for these spywares:


180Solutions (and all its versions and variants - about 1000 versions/variants)


This spyware sneaked into the PC and presents itself as SEEKMO Search Assistant. This spyware is a hijacker and installs itself without your knowledge. It'll just pop up one day and say that Seekmo has been installed, but gives you the option to uninstall it. However, if you try to uninstall it, it hangs.


Seekmo will reappear later on your tray and if you try to exit, you'll find that the option to exit does not exist. It will also put a new toolbar on your IE browser.


If you try to stop the process via Task Manager, it can be successfully stopped but will reappear another day when you're online again.


Use Spybot S&D in safe mode to flush it out. You will also have to manually remove Seekmo and 180Solutions on your Registry Editor. Ctrl-F will seek it out for you



CoolWWWSearch (there are over 5000 versions/variants)


This pesky spyware re-installs itself when you delete it whether by Task Manager, Add & Remove Programs or even via Spybot. It is also said that it mutates like a virus, which probably explains the over 5000 versions/variants. It manifests itself as Media Pass and/or Media Access. Also seen as MediaAccK.exe, MediaPass.exe.


You have to use Spybot in safe mode to weed them out. But you must use the registry editor to remove all other programs, keys, it installed itself. If removal is incomplete, it will re-install again and the whole process starts over. Also watch out for the program loaderx.exe. You will also have to remove all Media Pass/Media Access/LoaderX in the Temp folder and Program Files folder. You need to do this on safe mode using Spybot.


Spybot can not remove Media Pass/Media Access completely if not in safe mode



ISTbar (ISearchTech with about 1000 versions/variants)


This one is also tough to remove just like CoolWWWSearch/Media Pass/Media Access.

Once again, you need to remove it via Spybot on safe mode. If not, Spybot can not completely remove it. You also have to go thru the registry editor to remove this as well.


ISTbar is a hijacker and can redirect you to a certain website if you are searching for something on the net. There was a time (few days ago) when the Yahoo links I was clicking did not bring me to Yahoo but somewhere else.


I've been hit by HotBar before but that was easy to remove. Beware also of other anti-spyware and the names of anti-spyware on the net. Many so-called anti-spyware are actually spyware which does more harm than good and will mess up your PC.


And there are many more new ones coming out. There are only a few true anti-spyware you can trust.


For more info on spyware and anti-spyware visit www.vcn.com

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Some adwares are included in some of the free downloadable programs you download. If the adware is deleted, the free downloaded program may not work anymore. Just make sure you are totally aware of the adware that goes with the free downloaded program. I can't get rid of WhenU since it came with the Bearshare i use. But it's all under control

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I have such-and-such program. Isn't that good enough? (List of Fake Anti-Spyware Programs)

Question: I have such-and-such program to stop spyware. Isn't that good enough?



Answer: Probably not. It depends on what you have, but there is a very short list of good anti-spyware programs, and a very long list of bad ones. Norton and McAfee are not anti-spyware programs. They only protect you from viruses, not spyware. Also, there are an overwhelming number of fake anti-spyware programs out there. Many are not only fake, they’re malicious (that is, they'll mess up your computer). The following is the short list of the only programs I recommend for fighting spyware for typical users (for advice on how to use them, click here). There is a whole variety of tools and programs for advanced users (such as HijackThis, AboutBuster, etc) that I won't go into here.




Good Programs




Spybot Search and Destroy






Microsoft AntiSpyware


SpywareGuard (note: duplicates functionality. Not really needed if you turn on Spybot's resident tools)


TrojanHunter (You can download a free 30-day trial, and buy it for $49 if you want to keep it. There is no yearly subscription fee, so that's a pretty good value.)



There’s also one or two good paid subscription programs:

Spy Sweeper from Webroot. PC Magazine gave Spy Sweeper their Editors’ Choice award in February 2005. Spy Sweeper costs $29.95 for a one-year subscription.

CounterSpy from Sunbelt. You don't have to give out your e-mail address to use the free demo; just put in a fake one or use junkjunk@vcn.com. Eric Howes, a great spyware fighter (see his homepage), has done consulting work for them. CounterSpy is $19.95 for a one-year subscription.






Ineffective Programs


There are a few other non-malicious paid programs, including Spyware Doctor, Pest Patrol, McAfee AntiSpyware, and Norton AntiSpyware. At least these programs don’t actively destroy your computer, but they are really ineffective compared to the combination of free programs I recommend. Plus, you have to pay money for them. I do not recommend using these programs.






Evil Programs


If you have a program listed below, delete it. Sometimes you will not be able to delete it, in which case you’ll have to download the good programs I recommend above and have them try to clean it out(for help doing this, click here). There are a huge number of programs on the internet posing as anti-spyware programs that are fake, bad, malicious, and destructive. If you downloaded an anti-spyware program from an advertisement or a pop-up, for example, it was a trick. These so-called “anti”-spyware programs are actually spyware itself – a disease masquerading as its own cure. Some even have names deceptively close to the legitimate programs, for example AdwarePro, SpyDoctor, and SpyBlast. The list of these evil programs follows:



1 Click Spy Clean

#1 Spyware Killer

2004 Adware/Spyware Remover & Blocker

about:blank 2005




Ads Alert

ADS Adware Remover

Adware Agent

Adware Filter

Adware Hitman





AdWare SpyWare Blocker & Removal


AdwareX Eliminator

Ad-Where 2005

AGuardDog Adware/Spyware Remover





BPS Spyware & Adware Remover

CheckFlow CheckSpy & Anti Spyware 2005

CoffeeCup Spyware Remover

Consumer Identity

eAcceleration/Veloz Stop-Sign

Easy Erase Spyware Remover

Easy Spyware Killer

Emco Malware Bouncer

ETD Security Scanner

Freeze.com AntiSpyware



IC Spyware Scanner

Intelligent Spyware Cleaner



JC Spyware Remover & Adware Killer










PAL Spyware Remover

PC AdWare SpyWare Removal



Privacy Champion

Privacy Defender

Privacy Tools 2004

Protect Your Identity

PurityScan /



Real AdWareRemoverGold




Security iGuard

Spy-Ad Exterminator Pro













Spy Detector






SpyGuardian Pro






SpyKiller 2005






Spyware Annihilator





Spyware Cleaner & Pop-Up Blocker

Spyware C.O.P.


Spyware Destroyer



SpyWare Killer


Spyware & Pop-Up Utility

Spyware & Pest Remover

Spyware Protection Pro

Spyware Remover


Spyware Slayer

Spyware Snooper

Spyware Stormer


Suite 2005

SpywareTek / Spyware Removal System


Spyware Vanisher






Super Spyware Remover

System Detective


The Adware Hunter

The Spyware Detective


The Web Shield

Top10Reviews SpyScan


TZ Spyware Adware Remover


Ultimate Cleaner


WareOut Spyware Remover





This list was taken from Eric L. Howes’ Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spy-ware Products & Web Sites, hosted by Spyware Warrior. For more detail on each individual item, and a more up-to-date list, go there. Eric marks some items (e.g. Stop-sign) as maybe having cleaned up their act, but I would definitely not trust their supposed reform. Stay far away from all these programs. Again, I would recommend deleting any “anti”-spyware programs other than the ones I recommend at the top, even if they’re not on the evil list.


I would also recommend deleting Aluria Spyware Eliminator, because Aluria has entered an alliance with one of the major spyware producers (WhenU).


Update: Well, Microsoft AntiSpyware has now entered into an alliance/agreement with Claria, another major spyware producer. So, I wouldn't totally trust Microsoft AntiSpyware either, but I still think it's overall a good program. For that matter, Ad-Aware also delisted WhenU for a while in early 2005. The only mainstream scanning program whose integrity I'd really trust is Spybot, but there are things it simply doesn't find/remove, so you've got to supplement it with these others

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Media Access with the accompanying Mediaacck.exe reproduces itself each time you delete it from the program files or even if you remove it from the registry. 180solutions or IST (ISreachTech) also displays the same characteristics as Media Access but not as resilient.


If you have a virus vault (AVG has one) or a virus quarantine area in your hard disk, I found a way to deactivate if not remove Media Access and 180solutions. Move all related folders and files of the said spyware to the virus vault. By doing so, the spywares will become dormant and not interfere with your processes and will not be able to function even if it's still there.


Try it and see for yourself

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Tumpak yung isang kuya tungkol sa cleaning the registry chuva. NO amount of ad-aware, spy bot can get rid of your spywares. HAHAHA. You really have to clean the registry.


There are certain spyware like about:blank that tends to attack IE, so an easy cure would be to use OPERA or firefox.


But you have to get rid of them, asap. The longer it sits on your PC, the slower your PC will get.


Gud Lak.


In short, have a tech clean the registry of your PC.

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Problem with Media Access is that if you remove it even by cleaning up your registry, it is programmed to reproduce and re-install itself again. Best to put them in your virus vault (if you have one) and neutraliza them. Removing them in your program files or even the registry only makes Media Access come back over and over

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this is driving me nuts, i tried spybot and spybalster and spyware doctor, they still keep popping up ads like these,


anyone encountered them before? how an i get rid of it short of reformatting



thanks guys



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Some spyware and adware these days now come with rootkits. You've all probably heard of the Sony hoopla last year when they were found out. What a rootkit does is it can hide processes from your scanner and even your regular Windows tools so you don't notice.


When combined with spyware and/or adware, this is a bad combination for the user/victims since its difficult.


There are a couple of free to use tools on the net but the good list so far is here, and works for me:


CWS Shredder (stand alone and online free version)

Spybot Search & Destroy

Lavasoft Ad-aware

Spyware Blaster


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Option #1

Reformat your hard drive and Reinstall Windows XP.

Give yourself a limited user account separate from an administrator account.

Use only the administrator account when installing software.

Always use the limited user account for regular work.


Option #2

Reformat hard drive and install either Ubuntu Linux or Mandriva Linux 2006. :hypocritesmiley:

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Option #1

Reformat your hard drive and Reinstall Windows XP.

Give yourself a limited user account separate from an administrator account.

Use only the administrator account when installing software.

Always use the limited user account for regular work.


Option #2

Reformat hard drive and install either Ubuntu Linux or Mandriva Linux 2006.  :hypocritesmiley:


Option #3

Reformat hard drive and install Faronics Anti-Executable and/or Faronics Deep Freeze. :cool:


asa pa lahat ng virus/spyware :P




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So far the best antispyware i have use was pctool's Spydoctor 3.8 .. Got rave reviews anywhere and the best antispyware program for 2005... :)


I have ad-aware1.6, norton systemworks, noadware, spybot, ewido, and microsoft antispyware in my computer but so far nothing beats SPYDOCTOR 3.8 :cool: :cool:



the only program that effectively removes the stubborn win32dialer520 (trojan) in my system...



try it !!!


visit this website and download the program. Be sure to use the home edition.. it's around 8 mb.






crack installer courtesy of pareng Kurtsky :lol: :P





Note no 1 : after intalling spydoctor 3.8 be sure to update the program first before copying the crack files because the crack installer will render the updater useless...... you also need to install the crack since the fully functional evaluation version will only detect but won't remove the spywares found in your system.


-- also if you need to update again ( every 10 days in recommended) reinstall the program and follow note no 1. .. .



..... Give reports here on how this program has change your internet lives .. B) B)

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