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Divorce In The Philippines

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in my opinion, rather than we are thinking about pushing the divorce in the Philippines the best way is to think how to educate what is a real family it is, because now a days almost all of the show we see in our media nowadyas is about love, drama, family affair, why we change our theme in the media like family orient theme, not the family affair, and the government need to establish a family planning counseling to know that the both participant are fit to make a marriage and family. That way we don't need divorce here in our country.

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On 1/25/2024 at 6:33 AM, Jj6969 said:

The Philippines is the LAST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD without divorce, aside from Vatican City(which logically isnt a real country)

Yes, the only country that still controlled/influenced by "Padre Damaso".

Its like saying we are the best in the world when in comes to marriage, but in fact there's a lot of martyr and wrong upbringing na dapat magsilbi lang ang wife sa husband.

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On 6/10/2024 at 8:55 PM, neilgayuman said:

It's time we legalize it. Separation of church and state should be followed. 

Imho . . . As marriage becomes more and more violent.  It is time to put limits on marriage. 

-It should be limited only up to the gates of the house.  Outside the house, couples should be considered married only in the presence of minor children, and close family members.  That means either spouse should have no business to interfere if one of them interacted with other people.

-It should expires once when parents or guardians of the bride and groom passes away.  Because a lot of us are blackmailed by our elders to get married. 

-It should expire once the youngest biological child reaches 21.  Because a lot of parents are together only for the sake of the kids.  

-It should expire every 5 years.

-Once expired, if marriage vows are not immediately renewed.  Both parties should be considered separated. 

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