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Pc's Open 24/7

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Depends on the size of your downloads and how often you download... and the cost of electric bill vs. cost of internet access cost.  Unless you are a "dl wh0re"  who will have a definite need for speed a 256kbps connection is good enough for most uses.  Just make sure that the upload speed is also fast enough otherwise it will affect things like when you do online gaming or video chats.


Eg. Destinut Kibol which has 512 dl but the ul speeds that I get rarely go over 100kbps.  :thumbsdownsmiley:


As for me, am already using a 1Mbps dl access speed... as my choices were either that or dial up. The  laptop sometimes stays on for 2 days straight so I can't say that the connection saves me any.. :)


a ok...maybe ill stick to this connection...im still turning it off nmn from time to time...atleast 7 hrs a day...


-you should turn the monitor off to save a LOT of power.

-take off the side panels of your unit but make sure no rats or ants will go in to chew the wires.

-install a casing fan

-don't overclock

-avoid putting useless cards inside that crowd the space and limit airflow

-tie the wires and cables properly to get optimum airflow

-check that the pc is not on fire at least once a day.


what do you mean by the pc is not on fire?....is this just a joke, figure of speech or what?...haha...

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meron akong pentium 4 na pc na 3 years old na, ang nasira lang in the span of 3 years is yung motherboard(intel 865) nya. then pinalitan ko ng gigabyte(875) na mobo and for 1 1/2 year na, working good pa rin. then i have the second pc which is amd athlon 64, branded lahat ng parts but wala ng ibang add-ons, graphics card lang, ram, hard disk and dvd-rom. restart lang ang patayan ng pc ko esp. yung amd or kung mapuputulan ako ng connection if i fail to pay the bill.

suggestion ko lang is have a proper ventilation ng pc as what everyone is tellin and clean mo yung loob ng pc mo every 3 months, ganun kasi ginagawa ko eh.

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parang ang liit nmn ng bytes recieved mo during those nine days..hindi kb nagdodownload? or even surfing?...



oh i surf a lot! but i don't do downloads that much... eto o.. i was downloading movies sa oxxpass over the weekend ;)





ewan ko lng...nagtataka lng tlga kasi ako...skn kasi 12 mins plng..malaki na...??? oh well...


wildnutzz counters are in packets, xyco_g's in bytes. each packet counter is of 1500 bytes (paki correct na lang po, i'm reffering to the mtu - maximum transmission unit)


para hindi OT, i have my share of 24/7 pcs, mine's a linux box on micro atx form factor, maliit ang casing, 100w power supply, at naka bold - no cover :)

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hahahahaha! sayang, nagrestart na ako... :lol: di bale, before next restart, post ko ulet dito... err... pano palitan yung packets sa bytes? :huh:

no idea pare, multiply mo na lang ng 1500 yung packets mo. yung bytes kasi defaults sa mga PPP connections, on xyco_g's link: i think he initiates the link to the internet via a ppp dialer, on your case, you're dsl modem (similarly, mine) initiates the link to the enternet and made available to your pc. :)


heck, i'm no windows expert.

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