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Kissing On The First Date

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Hmm...it really depends on some factors. I've done it a couple of times already. Cheek,lips...and what not. lol!


But basically,you really shouldn't do it on the first date if you plan to have a serious, long-term relationship with that person...but,hey, if you feel passionate love at the first date then,by all means, KISS each other. Kiss your date. Don't hold back.


hahaha...I was kinda shy before...you know,the type of guy who always thought that if I did this and that, my date might not like it. But as my experience taught me, you should really be confident and do things that you're not used to doing.


If it was just a friendly date then it's most likely a kiss on the cheek...or no kiss at all...


If it was a date with a certain connection even before you went out,then it can lead to a passionate kiss.


bottomline, kiss your date if you think you're in "THAT MOMENT" wherein it's ok to do so.

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teka hope this isnt out of topic... guys in here have a question...


Do you kiss the girl na hindi nyo feel, attracted, or feels love at first sight on your first date? Ano nga ba ang meaning nitong kiss on first date? Kung type mo lang siya dahil sa masakit ang puson mo would you kiss her ba? Other kasi KISS is a sign of love daw what do you think?

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Well, as for me... I would kiss a girl on our first date if I feel something for her whether its lust or love. There was one time, my friend set me up for a date. We met at Robinson's malate, she was cute, maputi and chubby and all that. We went for a coffee, she was good and we were talking anything under the sun. Nung hatid ko na sya pauuwi, we were crossing the streets and as soon I held her hand, my heart pounded with excitement. I gathered all my strenghts and had the courage to kiss her before she entered her house... good thing is she kissed back :)

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if nature calls for it, I would gladly do it... MEOWR! kaya lang if the kiss became so passionate, hinde na ako nakakauwi kagad e.


basta the key for this is diskarte, don't jump to it, pakiramdaman mo. Pero mas masarap yung feeling na parang sumusugal ka, hinde mo alam kung she will ever kiss back or not, if she ever kiss back, allright!!! pag hindetapos sinampal, you will never see her again. :D

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What i normally do after a date depends on how i want to continue what we started on the date. If there was no spark, then I'll kiss on the cheek and wish her a "Good Night". But If i want to see her again, then it will be a smack on the lips and let her know that I'll call her tomorrow.

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