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What Is The Hardest Thing For You To Say...

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"iloveyou"-the hard part i think is keeping those words for urself without letting someone know how much he/she means to you.. though for some, it's not a big deal... but i think saying those words would ease the burden :goatee:




rejection makes some people afraid to let someone know their real feelings..


some are having difficulty saying "i love you" because they are avoiding the "i'm sorry" thing.. hehehe. :P

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tama ka dyan wyette... :)


in my case, i gave my ex 4 chances yata... in the end, di ko na talaga makayanan. i had to let go na. :( more than anything else, i love my family and i really tried to save it. pero you reach a certain point when enough is enough... you have to move on na rin... :)


you have to weigh your options siguro... is it worth saving, etc?... :(

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Just want to keep the record straight here, i opened this topic

but it doesn't mean that this is my personal case ha... some people

here have already met my partner and i don't want them to think

something else :D


I just want to know the ideas of the members on this issue.


Ok, let's move on.


My opinion is that if you know that you still love her, i'll still keep the relationship, give her the full trust again, and as much as possible, i will not dwell the issue anymore with her.


Instead, what i'm going to do is to identify the causes of why she has done that, then tingnan ko ang mga ways or ung mga dapat kong gawin para hindi na niya ulitin ulit yun.

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I think no one is perfect.


I'd say I would give it another chance. There's a saying that goes like "...sometimeswe meet people due to fate, and sometimes, this people are here to make us a perfect human being."


My ex-wife cheated on me a couple of times, I gave her 2 chance...however, Fate plays an important tool of making us a better man/woman.


my lesson in life was: Attention ... why? I was away most often becoz of my work.

and maybe this is the lesson that I should learn...Give attention to the one u love.

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It's happened twice. And though we've broken up, I told her I'd wait and if she wants to, we can give it another try.


Yeah yeah, I can see the martyr looks and all that. Hahahahahaha. :) And the famous saying "if she cheats once, it probably won't happen again, but if she cheats twice, it'll probably happen a 3rd time" is being bandied about repetitively.


Well, what the hell. I love the girl. So yes, another chance. Though if we do get back together, it'll be the last (if ever she does it again).

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no never: like a song that : in the end it doesnt even matter: let go live another day there may be scars left from that relationship but its worth it.. you learned something to make you grow stronger and know what to do in a relationship:sabi nga ang isang paso pag nabasag, basag na yan kahit i-glue mo o pagdikitin ng anuman.. may lamat na yan...

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ive read all your post and i can say that all of you have good points,maybe it all boils down to the person being cheated on,does he/she love the person so much that they are willing to sacrifice for the relationship.


for me my answer would be go,its easy to forgive but hard to forget.a broken heart would never heal fully(based from my personal experience po) for me the hardest thing to do is to trust a person with all our heart.just imagine what the feeling is if that guy or girl would just throw it all away and for what? lust? the fact that they cheated means that they dont give a dam about the relationship anymore..


well thats my own opinion po,and i would like to apologize if i sound so bitter,na experience kona kasi and it almost cost me everything i have.... :cry:

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Sometimes, by giving a second chance it will make your relationship more stronger..... Kasi the more your partner will realize na hindi mo siya ganun kadali i give up, the more love and respect you can get from him.


Kasi if you will go and find a new partner, how will you be sure na ung new partner mo will not do the same?


Unlike kung mag stay ka na lang, andyan na ung foundation ninyo e. Minsan talagang mapanukso lang talaga ang buhay.


Just try to find out what precipitated him to do that, baka naman kasi ikaw din ang may pagkukulang.

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Guest simply_miss

depende sa degree ng pagiging unfaithful ng lalaki.


sa akin pinatawad ko so many times, mahal ko kasi kuno, he did tried to make up for it, pero after a while again, uulit na naman.. the 5th time he did it, i said quits and he is the only guy i hated until this day. most of the time am friends with my ex.... pero dahil extreme ang ginawa niya, ayaw ko nang makita ni anino niya.


i thought it will make our relationship stronger pero hindi din, and the more bad side of it, na trauma ako....bad effect sa new relationships ko after that kasi minsan napapraning ako, lagi kong naiisip na baka may ginagawang kalokohan ang bf ko.... good thing na get over ko yun, the last relationship helped me overcome it......simply because made me feel so loved, special and he showed me his undying devotion.

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sus.....pag nagloko ang babae (ibig sabihin kuman toot ng ibang lalaki) sipain nyo na.....dami babae sa mundo....umaapaw...dami pa bata....ogag lang ang lalaki na hindi maniniwala rito....


seriously, i know of a guy who let go his gf's tryst with an office mate. He forgave the girl. One time the bf overheard the other guy boasting about how soft the gf was...(parang siopao..)...the bf got super duper mad that he stabbed the officemate right there and then....


talk about excess baggage dudes..

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