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Book Or Movies?

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wala pa akong napapanood na movie adaptation of a book that gave justice to the book. always a disappointment for me. the movie by itself may be good. but if ive read the book before watching the movie i always end up disapppointed. perfect example is cider house rules. ganda ng sine pero walang binatbat sa libro. anothe one is catch-22.

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to get the pure and unadulterated version of the story, its always the book. nothing can match the richness in detail that a very well written descriptive passage can give you.


the book also gives you a clue into the nuances of the character's emotions, his motivations, his psyche so to speak.


besides which, a lot comes into play in the making of a movie - running time should be considered, the political correct-ness of certain topics, issues, box office concerns... so much so that it ultimately changes the nature/story/intent of the book in question.

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books by far are more interesting than any movie (unless porn yun)


nothing can detail the plethora of emotions that a character undergoes. even the smallest and most insignificant character can have a vibrant hue and part of the story when read. to read what the villain or hero thinks and see their humanity and vanities are something a movie can never, ever capture.


while a movie can try to bring to life what a book tells, nothing can give vibrance more than the imagination when you read something so awe inspiring that you stare into space and imagine yourself part of the story.


a book also gives you the advantage of reading it again and seeing the story unfold in a different light, much unlike a movie when everything was said and done.


although i have to say that a book based on a movie is never as good as the movie. this is why i never bother buying movie based books. in this the movie is a better option.

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I like internal conflicts the best that's why I prefer books. That's the one thing you never get out of movies... maybe siguro kung lumabas yung scripts nito.


Kaso that was me talking about two years ago na malaki oras ko sa sarili so like right now, I'm more into movies... I can pop one in the Player and just watch for a couple of hours tapos dalawang beses mo lang panoorin solve ka na, alam mo na yung buong kwento. Unlike books na sometimes you need twelve hours to read...


Why do books have to be drattedly expensive as well? Ako nga napipilitan akong bilhin yung makapal na libro over something ridiculously thin... parang bathroom reading material. Saka sa libro... you have to like spend 300 or more bucks and spend hours reading eh sa movies you just go and rent pwede na.

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sometimes i'd rather watch the movie first before reading the book. i often end up very disappointed with the film version of the book so to spare me from looking for details that may be in the book but is not in the film, i watch the film first. plus it gives me a rather visual picture of the characters

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d harry potter series are one of d reasons why its 'read first, watch later'. you cant get the picture of d TRUE hogwarts in d movie (its a 'disneyfied version' there) pero sa book - you can see how ginny is smitten with harry, you can follow the weasley twins' misadventures, you can wonder with the ravenclaws why hermione is not in their house, etc.


can I post d spoiler on HP6 here???


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I also go for books, kasi it gives my imagination more freedom to fly.movies are interesting, though. kaya lang, sometimes, i find that there are really just a few of them which can really grab me. What i will trade for movies and books though, is a night watching a play..theater is simply amazing.try it. ;)

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For me, both the movie and the book. The book gives you a lot of insight into the characters, settings, and situations, the movie shows you how everything falls into place. The Star Wars movies were great but I got a lot of insight into them from the book. The Harry Potter movies were good because JK Rowling had a hand in their development, but the books showed better insight into the relationship of the characters (sheesh! The movie didn't even explain why Harry's Patronus was a stag! And that was a significant part of the book!). LOTR, well, the movie did jsutice to the book but with a few twists. It was just the Jack Ryan movie adaptations, several of them deviated from the book, but, oh well.... Either way, it's nice to see both the movie and the prose. :)

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For me the movie is generally a disappointment after reading the book. I guess ones own imagination running amok is better than a directors interpretation, besides the author gets to describe emotions which the actors may well not accurately portray.

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