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What Kind Of Student Were/are You In College?

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hi all...


i'm always fascinated with memories. because if my own memory serves me right, who i was in college is so different from who i am now.


in the first school i went to, i had a notorious rep*tation for being a bitch. i was one of those mean girls... the ones who looked people up and down just because they invaded my air space. :lol: i also never went to class... and my own teachers would pass by my tambayan on the way to their rooms and ask me themselves if i was going to class that day. hahahaha. i had issues, obviously!


but time tames all. and i can't imagine being nasty for no reason anymore. what a waste of time!


so who were you in college and do you think you're still the same person? or if you're in college now, what kind of student are you?


and here's another thought, is what you're doing now at all connected to what you studied in college?





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nice topic, missmanners :)


hmmmm... i guess i was 1 of those quiet types in college. but u know the silent types. they're the ones u should look out for (naks!)


every now & then, tatamaan ako ng topak. i'll act like 1 crazy buffoon, make weird facial expressions ala Jim Carrey, & say my fav phrase "Crap!" :lol: i'd also insult this idiot friend of mine who loves to show off when there's a pretty lady around.


then i'll go back to being the do-gooder :lol:

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many of my professors tagged me as an underacheiver... i did it on purpose... i never had a single notebook, all i had were books. it's because i only focused on my major subjects... as i firmly believed those were the only ones useful in the real market. i was right. still, i graduated top 14 in my batch in college. :rolleyes:

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when i was in college, i was dubbed the "hirit king" because uttering funny banters and one-liners anytime, anywhere was my specialty. But I seemed to have lost that ability now, probably because i now face real-world responsiblities, as against just frolicking through life with a carefree attitude back then. :)

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