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hey guys , to those send me sms pls include user'sname , so i can identify u from the rest, anyway here pic


on the right is SANTI to the left is RIA condom w bulistas ring & vibra motor.


i like to make intro to the local market RIA condom from malaysia comes w a bulitas ring attached w a vibra motor . p380 per piece


the bulitas ring & vibra motor is made from a non toxic material after the initial use , it's transfferable to ordinary condom for succinding use till the batt is dead. ( no idea if the motor & batt is disposable ).


it is lubricated w spermicide nonooxynol 9 to prevent pregnancy and std.


for interested party call me ********

santi p200

Ria condoms p380


free delvry for near by area only


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for those did PM me ,


free delivery for near by areas only ,for a minimium of 3 packs,

paco, malate, makati, banawe, del monte, r.papa, 5th ave. no more.


santi man hood booster pills / 9 caps p200 :blush:

take 3 caps 1 hour before session, read detailed FR in drug's forum

( possible 7 pops in 5 hours overnight. may 4 girls in 1 night , may 3 pops w in 1.5 hours. )


RIA condom w bulitas ring & vibra motor / p380 eh :*

consist of a condom , transfferable vibra motor w bulitas ring to ordinary condoms.


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here's a post i made in another thread sometime late last month. might be able to give potential buyers of SANTI Bovine an insight on the effectiveness of the pill. read on...


got 2 bottles of the SB from profx last week... this thing really works. i took 2 caps before going to skyline for some fun  grabe ang improvement sa staying power. 1st round - 30 mins of continuous pumping, 3 diff positions then *pop*; slow down muna without the mpa really noticing the change in pace then after a minute or two, laban na naman - this time mga 20 mins before the next *pop*. then while the mpa was continuing the massage (which was interrupted by the SB effect  )... nagalit na naman si junior. pero di na pumayag yong mpa  ... so umuwi akong galit pa rin junior. the following morning, while i was taking my morning shower, galit na galit na naman as in kahit buhusan mo ng cold water, hindi nagbabago ang tayo. grabe talaga... thanks profx for the wonder drug.


btw, got to try it again last weekend. 1 pill lang... kasi i felt that 2 was too strong for me. but this time i spent the night with an "occasional" girlfriend with whom i spend one overnight stay for pure sex once a month. I set a personal record of 7 pops in 6 hours!!! My girl was amazed with my performance. Mukhang madadagdagan yong once a month trysts namin, hehehe.


I may sound like i'm over-endorsing profx's wonder drug but I can't help it. Bumilib lang talaga ako and i'm one happy dude :D 

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hi list ,

here's the FR on RIA vibra condoms w bulitas ring, the vibrating effect will make your dick stiff , then numbness will occur to prevent you from exploding, giving you more pumping time to pleasure your mate.


to view actual products , backread this thread.

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mga bro's

dati i use the washable condom( germany) , i bought from pride exchange, i keep it for one partner only bec of hygiene , but yeterday i use the vibra condom i bought from profx, ibang ang feeling hearing moaning word's "aaaAANNgssSSSaaaRRRRAaP" coming from mpa ( skyline NN ) mounth . nakakagana lalo parang bang tumaas ego ko. the girl was shaking pa nga while moaning .


the effect makes my dick numd but very stiff , i was pumping the girl for 35 mins & finally i cum.

and before we depart the room , she was asking where to buy , bad di ko memorize profx contact numbers ...


try nyo


im gonna add these sa condom thread

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solve tlaga me sa pills i bought from profx, the girl was surrendering after she'd cum 3x on our 2nd round, i was able to enjoy 3-4 positions na dati ndi.


i tot profx was bluffing around as he quoted " kapag mabilis ka cum sa 1st round , wala daw sya magagawa , it's on your own na daw ( breathing & control , more practice to make it perfect daw), but the pills will be a big help with in 5-7 mins of caressing , ready to fight na raw uli and it will last 7-8 hours qaw. so my 1st rd last me 7mins , we both cum , then on my 2nd it last more than an hour . at pagud na pagod na yun chick and she's at her 20's...


2 weeks had past , iniinvite me uli ng bebot , hahahaha


talaga , nawala pagkaskeptic ko *wolves

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yup , i did last time , the procedure will be bank dep after i verifed the amount recv'd , pa LBC ko na . pls text or email me your complete name w address .

the bank usually add a service fee ard p100 ( shoulder by the buyer) .

( santi x ? + LBC ). the last time LBC charges p150 for a 1-5 packs in one plastic envelope. :cool:

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last few questions lang, for those who took the pills. nabasa ko sa mga FR niyo na talagang lumalakas ang resistensya niyo and stamina. it delays ejaculation - and mas maraming beses pang pwedeng makipagsex.


1.) saang orgasm ang mas masarap for the guy? yung normal na pinipigilan mo ang pag-ejaculate - hanggang sa labasan ka na nga OR yung may iniinom?


2.) dun sa mga 5-7 times nagpaputok sa 1 gabi: di ka ba mauubusan


your inputs will serve as additional info. am still deciding kung kukuha nga. thanks dudes!!!

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1.) saang orgasm ang mas masarap for the guy? yung normal na pinipigilan mo ang pag-ejaculate - hanggang sa labasan ka na nga OR yung may iniinom?


2.) dun sa mga 5-7 times nagpaputok sa 1 gabi: di ka ba mauubusan


your inputs will serve as additional info. am still deciding kung kukuha nga. thanks



pre doon sa first ques mo, similar feeling lang masasagot ko .

the difference is "you will notice mas marami ang "cum volume" then kaya pa 2nd upto 3rd rounds sa mga 1.5 hrs , but for sa mga 3 hours or over night , mas marami talaga, kahit plain mineral water lang pang refreshments. :cool: para di mathirstyyyyyyyy. :D

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I'm a believer!!! :cool:


Santi definitely enhanced my sex drive and helped me sustain my erections after the first round.


Here's my FR:


An hour before the deed, i took one pill. After an hour, not much effect except that I got a bit cranky and my senses sharpened up a bit but no erection whatsoever. I decided to take another pill. Anyway, my partner was 30 minutes late.


As we arrived at the motel... AYAN NA!!! I was really in heat and my junior just got so stiff I wanted to drag her up the room and start ravaging her. Pero kayang-kaya ko pa rin pairalin ang pagka-gentleman ko sa kanya hehehehe. Anyway it was like having a fever and the adrenalin rush was much better than my past sexual encounters. Well, she practically raped me the first round but just bj'd me while standing in the hot shower. Usually, it is very hard for me to cum while standing. Somehow it helped that I abstained from jacking off for 4 days... but it's very amazing that I can control it while in the influence of Santi. Tama... dapat may proper breathing and pace para magtagal ng konti. I think it took me about 5 mins before cumming... in her mouth... sarap!!! Sarap na sarap din siya kasi marami't antamis-tamis daw hehehe :ayus: Shower muna before the pumping part.


Sa second round, antagal bago ako labasan... mga 1 hour siguro... kasi condom kami... and the bj while standing practically drained a lot of strength from me... at di pa kasi ako naglulunch hehehe. Lo and behold, husto siya sa erotic and passionate foreplay, 69, we tried about 4 positions and she already came 3 times, matigas pa rin si manoy, at di pa rin ako nilalabasan! Usually, I easily get limp after the 1st round and I'll need a 10-minute rest and eat some food. Inis nga siya kasi "magsasawa raw siya sa t*t* ko" hehehe.


After her 3rd orgasm kain muna kami. I'm also amazed lumambot muna si junior. I realized Santi is perfectly in-sync with my sex-drive. Gumagana lang pag andyan yung libog. Kung wala, rest muna. After eating at lumalandi na uli siya sa kin, saka bumalik yung epekto :ayus:


Sa last round na ko nilabasan. It took me the same full passionate performance earlier before I came... but same intensity, hindi nagdeteriorate. What's more, doon ko pa lang naramdaman yung epekto nung 2nd pill na ininom ko... syet sarap... bigla akong lumakas and i proceeded to the standing position (which I normally do in the first round) ayun KABOOM!!! Too bad di kami sabay so tinapos niya muna while my manoy is still stiff. Ayos naman. My dick didn't fail me... and impressed my partner so much. :ayus:


Nung nagshower uli kami, she still can't get enough of my dick... gusto pa nga niya ko labasan. Kaso time is really running out and she needs to go to work. Kung wala lang sana siyang pasok, matetesting ko talaga ang limits ng Santi. :boo:


The session lasted about 2 hours. I came 2 times, while she had 4 full orgasms. Napagod siya sa kin pero masayang masaya... nilalandi pa rin niya kahit tapos na kami hehehe. When I told her my max is 5, namilog mata niya... suko raw siya sa kin. Who knows... she might want to consider a 4-6 hour... even an overnight session next time :boo:


Nakacondom na ito. Pano pa kaya kung wala? :blink:


Whew... saludo ako rito sa Santi. Thanks Profx!


I'll give another FR of this... yung walang condom :)

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hi list


like to add a new item here .


" caress de GOLD " pleasuring vibrator ring.

a unique adjustable ring to fit any asian size dick.

surrounded w lots of bulitas to tickle the vagina.

a push on switch ( not rotary ).

fabricated from non-toxic medical rubber to prevent any complication

when use.

vibrating effect last up to 20mins

( batt condition is based on lab test , it may differ on situation & in storage )



p200 a piece vibra ring only .

minimium of 3 pcs order or mix w SANTI or RIA .



discounts for bulk buyers ( 100pcs )


caress de GOLD is appropiate for asian size only . for larger size RIA will be much advisable. :cool:


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hi list here's the pic's pointing out the power switch for "caress GOLD vibra ring w spikes (bulitas).

to dismantle the chamber from the rubber simply hold then push-slide.



:evil: it's possible to replace a new LR41 battery to the motor , but re-using it will be at your own risk's :evil:


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