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  1. si @A M E T H Y S Tna palagi ako pinapatawa, hahaha..... charming mo talaga alam mo ba? hahahaha
  2. The possibility of hurting someone's feelings because of my selfishness....
  3. to the MTC member here who has my heart.....I said I LOVE YOU to her earlier when we reconnected once again... Gosh, I really love that woman!!
  4. well, you know naman na importante ka na sa kanya di ba??? You will always have a special place in His HEART MISS AMETHYST!!
  5. The Second Part of Money Heist...S5 EPISODE 8 nako..... getting better and nag level up acting nilang lahat I must say....
  6. I had one a few years ago, actually squatter lang yung company namin and yung company talaga nila ang may office space sa building, me and this "MEDIA BUYER" (I was an AE at that time) and we always catch ourselves looking at each other, haha pag uwi naman namin sa bahay niya (mandaluyong) we get at it like there's no tomorrow...kahit may red days pa sya, sobrang hot niya sa kama, hahaha
  7. akala mo lang mabilis ako makalimot sayu A - - - - - - - , pero talagang di tayo pinagtadhana...... I will always love you...
  8. sa casino sir do you mean ba?? if maglaro ka ng slots for example, every cash in mo and yung bet mo sa slots would tell you how much or less you will be earning. if mataas taya mo even if you don't put in a lot of cash sa machine mataas pa din ma accumulate mong points that is AFAIK.... HTH
  9. any idea sa price range sir?? like for 2 persons lang... TIA
  10. currently on heavy rotation to my playlist... HAVING FUN by MARC E BASSY ADORN -- MIGUEL EBTG SONGS THE ONE I LOVE by Mike Mc Clellan
  11. si @Coleen of Soul spa kasi nagrereply na siya sa mga post ko dito dati puro wala, hahaha kaya tinanung ko sayu yung mga tinanung ko ah, haha pero i would honor my word dun sa sinabi ko sayu....
  12. I don't know if this is true in your case ladies and gents but kadamihan sa nakausap ko is pag iniikot ng significant other mo yung singsing niya ng walang dahilan, it means naghahanap siya or he or she is missing that person kaya kabahan ka na if kasama mo siya sa house and he or she keeps circling his or her ring sa finger niya. this was recently confirmed by a friend of mine, I told her kung iniikot ba ng asawa niya yung singsing niya (kasal sila) and she said yes and yun yung 1 sa final nail in the coffin na may babae nga mister niya! like I said, this MAY or MAY NOT be true in your case.
  13. I have experienced what you feel so I an idea what you're going through, take it one day at a time my friend, it's up to you if you want to keep the memories in your heart or forget about it and move on but it's going to be tough and I know you will pull through this a much stronger person! Stay Strong and Be well!!
  14. well said sir, it is oftentimes so hard to be happy for the other person you care about so much when the reason for their happiness is not you.....
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