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  1. 1.) You ate all the aratilis in your neighborhood 2.) You plucked all the gumamelas in the area for soap bubbles 3.) Your parents forced you to take afternoon siestas with the threat that you will not be allowed to play outside. 4.) You owned a family computer. 5.) You know this code by heart UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-B-A-B-A-START (select-start for 2 players) 6.) You owned a superhero costume (especially a superman costume) 7.) For the girls: You dressed up like Punky Brewster, Madonna and Debbie Gibson For the boys: You dressed up like David Hasselhoff's knight rider. 8.) You had a Figurine Panini sticker book especially their Age of Dinosaurs series. 9.) You were addicted to rainbow brite, carebears, my little pony, thundercats, bioman, voltes v, mazinger z, daimos, etc., etc. 10.) You played pc games like tapper, moonbugs, alley cat and prince of persia. 11.) Ms Word did not exist in your vocabulary but Wordstar did! 12.) You've climbed up mango trees to catch salagubang, tie a string around its neck and let it fly around in frenzy 13.) You've spent hours in the afternoon catching tutubi...yellow-green was the easiest to catch, blue being finicky, and red being a rare breed... 14.) You know Kuya Bodjie from Batibot 15.) You watch Uncle Bob's Lucky Seven Club 16.) You used AQUA NET to fashion ur 4-inch-high bangs. 17.) You watched some of your favorite shows on betamax or even UHF 17 (the channel from Clarke Air Base - or was it Subic?) 18.) You know all the Bagets and Ninja Kids 19.) You got to ride the train ride at greenhills shopping center 20.) Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were the players at the time 21.) You've collected matangpusa and mongo beans so you can have ammunition for sumpit 22.) You knew who madam bola and sitsiritsit and alibangbang were . 23.) You had Mighty Kid shoes and Greg shoes. 24.) You know what Time Space Warp means (and you know who Fuma Lae-Ar is) 25.) You sucked all the nectar from the santan plant hence your mother got really pissed at you for destroying the santan plant. 26.) You played with marbles and text (yung cards ha!!!) And you count cards like this: I-SA, DALA-WA, TAT-LO, A-PAT... walo na iyon! 27.) You loved cheezels and chicakdees because of the great prizes it had! (remember sticky hands, bear popups, and the stick on tattoos which were banned due to drugs daw?) 28.) Sosy ka if you bought a Magnolia drumstick 29.) Twin Popsies were meant to be shared with a friend. 30.) You know who Alf is. 31.) You're familiar with the show Perfect Strangers. 32.) Idol mo si McGyver. 33.) Six digits lang ang telephone number niyo dati. 34.) Tatlong .25 cents lang eh makakatawag ka na sa pay-phone. 35.) Si Amado Pineda pa ang nagbabalita ng panahon 36.) The most comfortable shoes for you is still Sperry Topsiders. 37.) You show off your pencil case which have hidden compartments that pop-out at the press of a button... 38.) You have Bensia pencils which are refillable... 39.) Fiesta carnival was the place to be (kumbaga enchanted kingdom sya) 40.) You know the lyrics ng "Tinapang Bangus" at "Alagang-alaga namin si Puti" 41.) Bumibili ka ng caramel candy, texas or bazooka bubblegum, tira-tira at tootsie roll sa tindahan 42.) Naabutan mo pa na korteng flower ang singko 43.) You're familiar with this song: si nena ay bata pa, kaya ang sabi niya ay um-ah-um-ah-ah. hanggang patanda siya nang patanda at pabastos ng pabastos hehehe! naaalala mo pa ba?...
  2. if you smellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll what the Rock is cookin ! and that's the bottom line, cos Stone Cold said so! Whatchu gonna do when HULKAMANIA runs wild on you ?!! raves, rantings, news, rumors, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING about wrestling, post them here !!!
  3. As of Mar 7 2003 4:49 PM mga pipol, ano ang pinakamasarap na manok na nakain ninyo? Chickenjoy - 4 votes :boo: Andok's - 2 votes Homemade - 2 votes ( yung fried chicken ng mommy ni DELISYUS tsaka yung sasabunging manok ng lolo ni PEPENGTOM) KFC - 2 votes Max's - 2 votes Pancake House - 1 vote Chicken McDo - Kenny Rogers - Popeye's - World Chicken - Big Red Hen - Baliwag - Manok ni Sr. Pedro - meron pa bang ibang madadagdag? kung meron sabihin nyo na nang MAPUNTAHAN !!! woo-hoo!!!
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