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  1. Since I dont drink, I travelled a lot alone and pray a lot too.
  2. Personal record.....28 days days without sex.
  3. I have my fair share of this thing...falling in love with my thera. During that time she quit being a thera and instead take on the job of being a Recep sabi niya for me daw yon. Perhaps it was true but perhaps it was not. Talaga naman nakakataba ng puso ...its masarap isipin na she is doing it for me. Eventually like someone said its like being in a two different world. The relationship lasted for more than two years. Now I have a thera na nkaka inlab talaga. Sana wag naman akong ma fall completely...
  4. Ito kaya yung edgar allan na kilala ko before? 🤔🤨😅

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