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  1. Cloudy skies with hints of rain in the afternoon, want to go out, pero coding! Hayyyy, so sad! Wanted to go out and visit the wonderful lady above me, but can't. So so so sad!
  2. Bakit nga ba? It's complicated.
  3. Tropahin muna... then, maybe... jowahin. Love is a very complicated thing. Falling for a thera, as a Gentleman, must be carried through as a Gentleman. RESPECT would be the operative word.
  4. Member since 2003. Can't remember how I found out about MTC (signs of old age). Through my brother, I think. 😈 Memorable names of ladies then were: Leslie, Macy (Macy's hand job?) - RIP, swit lass... Mostly lurking, spent most of my time browsing through the Spa Section, then MP Section, then looking at MTC EBs. Hay naku, iba talaga nuon. An MTC EB would be great though...
  5. Nothing wrong for falling for a therapist... sapagkat tayo ay tao lamang! 🙂
  6. Married? Avoid other women, altogether!
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