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  1. spring is in the air ! 

  2. natawa na naman ako dito. I have never lied about my age. Pretense and deception and fantasy have never been my cup of tea comrade. And unlike you I do not hide beneath the identity of so many alters . and yes and I try to behave responsibly in this community. Ikaw isn't 50 too old to behaving as you do ?
  3. I am impressed and happy that the alters continue to visit my profile. welcome naman kayong lahat comrades ! 

  4. The problem with you marnel is you are so easily caught in your attempts at deception. By now I can read you like a book. Every play in your book is pretty much predictable. Not by me only but by others in the community. Even the endless denials that you are not who you are and that you are not responsible for the malicious deletions that occurred the past year. What did that gain you but the added enmity of so many in MTC ? Living rent free in my head ? maybe I am in yours. You simply cannot accept that everytime we cross swords you end up getting banned . Hindi ka pa ba nagsasawa comrade ? 🙂 All this trolling just slides off my teflon skin. You do not know me or a single detail of my life whereas your private life has been laid bare by those you have angered by your endless malice. Cmon comrade . Isnt it time to change ? Isnt it time to be of service to the MTC community rather than flooding it with posts of deception and hate ?
  5. Well its not the age but the maturity that counts . And maybe its not only me that enjoy chatting with them but also vice versa. Imma nice guy and try to help out whenever I can. How about you ? Oh right you’re a troll. And how many times have you and your friends been banned ? 1985 you say .? Wow That makes you about 38 . Isnt 38 too old to be a troll? By this time dapat mature ka na to accept what you are in life. Itigil mo na yang pagpapanggap Marnel. Joskoh propesor ka ! Anong sasabihin ng mga estudyante mo sayo ? At eto. Sabihin mo nga sa ating readers kung bakit dka maka get over sa akin ? Oo i had you banned many times but most of the time its because of your own doing. Sheesh comrade. No matter what you do you will never win.
  6. Sabihin mo lang kung kailan hija . Pero hinay hinay lang ha. Mejo mahirap pag kasal na agad ang iniisip. :-). Oks lang naman live in muna.
  7. Oh yeah all them guys were banned. Including you sooner than later. So are they upstanding members of the community ? Are you ? How many times have you and your many incarnations been banned comrade ? Napapangiti ako pag iniisip ko.
  8. Comrade one and only one member in MTC gets his jollies trolling me. Everytime you deny it I just smile. How many times have you been banned comrade ? Marnel ...you do know that what you are doing is against common decency and MTC community standards. But you still persist . Truly it must be a sad and pitiful existence for one to find happiness in being a troll. Strive to be a better man comrade. At the end of the day no amount of trolling will improve your life one whit.
  9. natawa naman ako dito. and just how old are you exactly marnel ? 🙂
  10. an age where manners and courtesy and the art of civil exchange was the norm. how about you ?
  11. kulang ka talaga sa pansin noh ? 

    hilig mong gumawa ng issue tapos ung mga alters mo opposite fences tapos magsasagutan ahahahahaha

    Tapos pupurihin mo pa sarili mo gamit ang alters mo. 

    hilig mong gumawa ng fake FRS para pagtakban ang katotohanag gipit ka sa buhay 

    ung avatar mo sa isang viber group bagong Fortuner pero sa totoo jeep at grab ka lang

    nakatira ka sa lumang apartment pero may bahay ka ikamo sa ayala alabang 

    graduate ka ikamo sa batikang mga eskwela abroad pero di naman totoo.

    nubayan comrade. Escaping from reality is unhealthy.

    Tapos simumulan mo ang war of the anonymous and war of deletion. Oo naghari ka ng kaunting panahon pero ayun banned ka na naman with your alter army

    Seryoso ha

    Masaya ka ba sa ginagawa mo ?

    Hay . Pakatotoo ka na.  Magbago ka na .

    Then start from there 



  12. Awwww now that's a REAL pussy . thats so sweet comrade ! Trophy for you !
  13. hahahahaha. a troll getting upset ? snowflake na troll ? at least i dont troll you just calling the mods attention to your trolling . D naman ako bothered ha ? Pangit lang makita ng ibang miyembro ung ginagawa mo. Nakakasira sa image ng MTC community . Alam mo Marnel diko alam bakit dika maka get over sa akin . at lagi ka namang banned yet balik ka ng balik ? Ilang alters mo na ang naban ? andami mong inaaway , nilillinlang sinasaktan. Why ? Kaya hanggang ngayon walang respeto ang mga miyembro sa yo. Ayan kaya wala kang friends dito panay ikaw lang at alters mo ang naguusap. Inaaway mo pa nga yung ibang alters mo. Nubayan . Sana magbago ka na comrade . Para ngumiti naman tayong tunay ...
  14. yung miserable ka sa totoong buhay 

    pero masaya ka kasi ginagawa mong miserable ang buhay ng iba 

    ano kaya tawag dun ? 

    yung pobre ka sa tunay 

    pero ang yaman mong manalita 

    ano kaya ang tawag dun ? 

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