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  1. congratulations on totally free and best quality education ! @IamGrumpy@macbolan00 Had dinner with the Chansy and yes it is indeed all free . Ang swerte niyo. The only downside is that we are totally dependent on what the government will allot to us for operation. Swerte din tayo dahil magaling ung coach at team natin!
  2. Hmmm worth looking into. Will be having dinner with the UPD Chancellor later tonight. Might be an interesting topic.
  3. Hindi na natin kayamg mangutang sa labas dahil P 13 trillion na ang kabuuang utang nating mga Pilipino. And as usual the easiest way to raise money is through taxes and the reduction of exemptions. However the government should focus on managing corruption rather than raising taxes.
  4. Sa UP hindi naman free ang tuition substantially lower lang than Ateneo or La Salle And there is indeed socialized bracketing. Re activism it is good for students to be critical thinkers . Of all the things I learned is to always ASK and FIND OUT WHY. Wag tanggapin ang status quo and push for a change for the better. And that is encouraged by most of the faculty. If that means to rail and demonstrate and fight for what you think is right so much the better.
  5. always post with decency and respect and with intelligence. para malike ang posts mo.
  6. snowplus mint with 5% nic for that kick.
  7. precisely comrade. anyway typical naman na walang basis ang choices .
  8. Re qualifications mukha namang qualified. As long as his heart is in the right place. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Diokno
  9. BSP Governnor Diokno is next Finance chief, Marcos Jr. says Read more: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1602817/bsp-governnor-diokno-is-next-finance-chief-marcos-jr- A ray of light for the incoming administration 🙂
  10. Not necessarily comrades . But imho sex is better when the woman loves you. Bigay na bigay eh
  11. pasahan mo naman ako ng load para makapag chat tayo
  12. Comrades search niyo ung Five Languages of Love . Hindi naman lahat ng girls nakukuha sa regalo. Ung iba effort nga ang hinahanap. Dati may nililigawan ako who was super close to her mom. In one of my visits nasira ung gripo so nageffort akong gawin. Tas sunod sunod na ( ampf pati paglilinis ng leather bag ni mommy ) as well as other chores around their house. It reached a point na tinatanong na ung girl kailan ako pupunta. I also spent time driving her mom around ( kasama naman ung girl noh ) In fairness naman the mom and her daughter cooked tasty meals as a reward ( and a come on hahahahahaha) Ayun doon nakuha nag puso nung nililigawan ko. And getting her mom's seal of approval to boot. 🙂
  13. Morbius the living vampire ( it SUCKED pun intended ) and Star Trek Strange New Worlds ( first three episodes looks promising ).
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