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  1. Lifetime protection may not be possible in just two doses. Depending on your age and comorbidities, you might need a repeat dose.
  2. This is a myth. Sumo wrestlers have a life expectancy of 20 years LESS than the average Japanese male. They have increased rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. Among champion sumo wrestlers since 1929, body mass index was a strong predictor of early mortality.
  3. Sa isang FR thread, nagtanong si Rinks: Pangkaraniwang pagsusuri sa laboratoryo ang sperm count at maraming mga laboratoryo ang gumagawa nito. Gayunpaman, maigi kung hindi lang sperm count ang tatasahan dahil maaaring wasto ang bilang ng esperma kahit na ang kalidad ay mababa. Pwedeng humingi ng fertility analysis sa semilya ne binubuo ng mga sumusunod: pH - kapag masyadong mababa ang pH (acidic) ng semilya, naaapektuhan ang kalidad ng esperma Semen volume - gaanong kadami ang inilabas na semilya Sperm concentration - ilang esperma sa bawat mililitro ng semilya Sperm morphology - sukat at hugis ng esperma Sperm motility - pagkalikot ng esperma. Time to liquefaction - gaanong kabilis magbago and semilya mula sa malagkit na sangkap hanggang sa malabnaw na likido Vitality - ang porsyento ng buhay na esperma. Mga senyales ng impeksyon Para walang kamali-mali sa fertility analysis, kakailanganin umiwas sa sekswal na aktibidad sa loob ng dalawa hanggang pitong araw. Kabilang dito ang pakikipagtalik at masturbesyon. Ito ay nagsisiguro na ang bilang ng esperma ay nasa kanilang pinakamataas na antas. Ang pangkaraniwang bayad sa fertility analysis ay mga 3,500 pesos.
  4. Archery. I use a recurve. I haven't been on a range in years, though. I might take it up again in the new year.
  5. Oh my god! Ang tagal ko nang hindi kumakain ng burong talangka. Ito yung ginagamit kong recipe, pero ang hirap makakuha ng talangka sa lugar ko. https://mekenisaguli.wordpress.com/2016/07/20/burung-talangka-procedure/
  6. Iba, Zambales. Birthplace of President Ramon Magsaysay. The place was named after the local word for kamias, which is found all over the place. In my lola's garden in Manila was a kamias tree taken from Iba.
  7. Xi'an, People's Republic of China. This was traditionally the Eastern end of the ancient Silk Road. It's also the home of the terra cotta warriors and horses.
  8. The term "high-maintenance" is used by boys who underestimate the time and effort it takes to please someone. Instead of "high-maintenance", I'd use the term "uncompromising". A woman isn't "fussy", she's "meticulous". She is not "finicky", she is "fastidious". It's all in the language. 😀
  9. Thanks. These are great options. I hadn't considered hydrotherapy. Yoga was difficult for me.
  10. I recommend playing Dirty Strip Monopoly with a PSP. Strip Monopoly, of course, differs from standard Monopoly in that it allows you to use articles of clothing as currency. In Dirty Strip Monopoly, you can by performing acts on your partner's body.
  11. I just purchased a Teclast 10.1 inch Android tablet from the Shopee 11.11 sale. I got it for a steal -- 2,500 pesos. What a piece of crap device. The battery life is very poor -- three hours from full charge to depletion. You need to spend five hours to bring it to full charge. Caveat emptor.
  12. In the past, it was a point of pride to have my real identity and accomplishments feature on Google searches of my name. However, since about 2014, I've tried very hard to strip my digital footprint. It's pretty hard to do, but I'm slowly getting there. Right now, a search identifies a few other people with the same name, all of whom are located in South America. I want to reduce this further.
  13. I have a bad back and knees. What kind of cardio exercise can I do that will not put too much strain on those parts of my body?
  14. This is good advice. You can use chlorhexidine as an antiseptic. There are two formulations -- it comes as a mouthwash for rinsing (much milder than Listerine) and as a wash. A 150 ml bottle of the wash costs about 160 pesos and can be purchased without a prescription. For males, there is evidence that using antiseptic on your penis before and after fellatio can reduce the risk of non-STI infections such as UTI or prostatitis. I always carry chlorhexidine as part of my hygiene kit.
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