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  1. possible to kung powerful,or very good looking or napakataas ng status ng guy
  2. Aside from a hot chick, someone who will not f#&k up our peace of mind
  3. Kiskis lang Hanap ko sa lalake ay mabait
  4. idk if youre serious o nangtrotroll ka lang.I know girls na may fantasy marape but for most of them,isa ito sa kinakatakutan nila. It can leave permanent trauma and psychological damage to them and can f#&k them over for the rest of their lives. Some even commit suicide.
  5. Sobrang outdated na ng view na to. Theyll also have sex with you if they can see "value" in you. Gamitan kumbaga.
  6. Dameng ebas and bullshit.Let's not f#&k around. Isang bagay lang yan to 99.999% percent of them : money
  7. Yes,pinagsisisihan ko til this day.Never do it. Pwede ka nyang pagbigyan at magstay pero iiwan ka kagad non kasi wala na syang resopeto sayo
  8. Kailangan ng perang pampadulas,no pun intended,(in the form of car,condo)
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