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asia brewery launched 'virgin cola' , a subsidiary of virgin, UK.


got a taste (in bottle) somewhere in laguna, in a sari-sari store no less!


pro: great bottle (pare nakatikim ka na ba ng virgin??)

taste like coke


con: priced like coke


to the easterners (rizal, etc), very sikat na ang arcy's root beer, made by rc cola.


pro: taste like root beer (yeah right)

5 bucks retail, cold!

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RC cola, mura kasi...



I don't discourage you or contest your cola preference but this is according to my personal experience, I purchased a RC litro bottle after a basketball game. With the cap still intact (no indication of tampering or spillage of contents), I found a cigarette butt floating inside. I dunno if this is an isolated case but my friends had a similar experience... s knila nman katol, some matchstick.... which makes me think of their quality control and assurance at the production stage?!! :thumbsdownsmiley:


Anyway, I love rootbeer so much that I go for Fanta Rootbeer (back in 1980s). Sarsi or rootbeer variants when dining in at Fastfood.



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I do, i've tried RC Cola and Virgin Cola at ok naman. So far, i still haven't seen any object sa RC cola. Also, hindi lang naman sa RC cola meron ganong instances na may floating object (i.e. cigarette butt, katol, et.) sa Pepsi at Coca-Cola meron din yatang nai-report na ganyan pero maaring inaareglo agad nila.....

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