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Motel At Hotel Na May Camera..!

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i just read some other threads here and they mentioned some motels or hotels have hidden camera/s? is it true? meron na bang lumabas na videos na galing nga sa mga spy cams dito? ive seen some pics usually send by my friends thru emails pero hindi naman mga filipina and im not sure kung totoo talaga or trippings lang din mismo para sumikat sila, pero ewan ko talaga.


so, totoo nga ba na meron nga dito sa tin sa mga motels, hotels and apartelles na naglalagay ng hidden cams? meron na bang naka-experience dito na sila mismo ang nakakita sa mga hidden cams sa loob ng room? anong motel or hotel? meron na nga bang lumabas na videos sa internet or vcds? anong motel or hotel?

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meron VCD sa bangketa mga motel rooms pero sa cebu yata. To be safge, go to reputable motels like Vinta, Nito, Victoria, etc. Kasi they're strict (relatively) dahil they have aname to protect. Yung mga chipipay, hindi tayo sure doon.


Kahit paano sa mga sikat, we have a little more trust. kahit paano ha.




it doesnt matter kung sa anito ka or vinta mag stay,how can u sure na safe cla sa mga hidden cam?if i were u guys,mas pipiliin ko na ung mejo simpleng room na di gaanong maraming mirror on ur side,on the ceiling kc di mo alam one way mirror na pala un dba! mas lalo na pag sa celing ung mirror,di theres no way to check it out. 8)

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guys, there was this house in cebu about a year ago na pumapayag yung owner na mag-stay dun yung mga school mates nung anak niya and do milagros. little did they know that they were being taped. there are vcds that claim that those were the real stuff. ang original stuff was where the girls wore checkered red and white uniforms and iisa lang ang angle ng camera kaya very candid, so better check that out.

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I am not a lawyer either but I guess that you could probably sue as well.

The rules on civil cases are pretty loose. However, you have to prove

actual damages to the courts first. I don't think that you would be able

to get anything substantial even if you win.


Unfortunately, we don't place much value on such things here in the Philippines. If the owner of the motel has money, they would probably just opt to buy the judge as well.


Also, though the media would feasting on it might help you case, you

might find yourself to be an instant celebrity. Just imagine the possible

embarassment of having your name, your picture, or even the sex act itself (probably with mosaics on your faces) broadcasted nationwide.

Much like a porn actor, but unfortunately with no pay. :O

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mahirap din mgsampa ng case jan, coz u have to come forward.. added scandal un... 8)


may nangyari nga b4 [medyo off-topic ha..], a motel branch was taken-over by robbers, nilimas pera nung motel, sinira mga phones, so, nung isa-isang lumabas ng room ung mga occupants[to ask for xtra towel, food, etc,] pati sila tinutukan and ninakawan.. ewan lang kung may na-popoy din..


syempre, sino magdedemanda.. kung meron man ung motel lang, pero ung mga customer, syempre ayaw mabulgar mga gawain nila... 8)

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Dudes sa dami ng mga motel at sa dami ng mga pumopopoy araw-araw (na-experience niyo na ba yung may pila??? haha).... sobrang suwerte naman kung ako pa ang mapili na ikalat sa vcd. 14M na ang populasyon ng Metro Manila. Sabagay possible yun -- one in a million nga lang. Anyway kung ang pipiliin naman nila i-mass-produce ay yung may magandang chik, bida ka pa rin...!!!

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