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glutatione injectables

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saluta 600mg (singapore), tads 600mg (italy) 10 vials plus 10 ascorbic acid for 6,500


tatiomax 1200mg (japan) 10 vials plus 10 ascorbic acid ampule for 8500


note: pwedeng ako mag inject sa inyo basta may libreng kiss hahaha. basta malapit lang and every saturday night and sunday only. kpag sat night pwedeng makitulog na lang.dam demand eh.

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saluta 600mg (singapore), tads 600mg (italy) 10 vials plus 10 ascorbic acid for 4000

tatiomax 1200mg (japan) 10 vials plus 10 ascorbic acid ampule for 5000

note: pwedeng ako mag inject sa inyo basta may libreng kiss hahaha. basta malapit lang and every saturday night and sunday only. kpag sat night pwedeng makitulog na lang.dame demand eh.

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