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Mojito is one refreshing cocktail for me... The nicest touch I encountered was the one in Silantro and Mogwai in Cubao Expo (but its gone na yata).

Tequila Sunrise, grabe ang effect lagi sa akin. First sip and it spreads warmth all over my upper body agad.

With Shirley Temple, I think I have to get around some 4 servings before the woozy effect starts hitting.

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Mango daiquiri


Madali lng.. gamit ang blender.


isang jigger (pag wala use shot glass) ng rhum of ur choice.


Isang pisngi ng mango meat.. then drops of calamansi juice mga isang malaking piraso ng calamansi.


Sugar syrup, pag wala brown sugar nlng. Mga isang jigger din


Salpak ng crushed ice . Pulse for about 10 seconds.


Voila! May refreshing cocktail kna.


I do that for my special guests at home. Sometime Mojito. Or pag wala budget, ok na tequil sunrise.

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