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On 3/7/2024 at 8:23 PM, annrdrgz02 said:
Hi. If is there anyone looking for therapist who can do hotel/home service,kindly message me for more info

To my fellow GMs,

I have been a member of this community for almost 20 years now and I have had my fair share of scams both in and outside of MTC. This is probably one of the top scams I encountered. Sharing with all of you so you won’t experience it.

She introduces herself as Ann, very polite and friendly. She shares her list of services, prices and photos which are extraordinarily attractive. She will then ask for 50% deposit on the package you have chosen. Given the amount is small enough I take the risk and she asks to transfer it to her Maya account:

Maya Philippines Inc. 

Acc Name : Ann Perez Rodriguez
Acc Number : 09660497293

She confirms the date you have chosen to meet and even shows a screenshot of a calendar invite with your name on it (nice touch). Given the date I chose was a few days in advance, we message back and forth for a few days and she appears like a typical gf-type so I become more interested to finally meet her. 

On the day we are supposed to meet, she asks me to send more money (even more then the cost of the package we agreed) as she says she needs to pay for some house bills before we meet. I reluctantly agree (my d*ck was doing the thinking at this point) and send her the money again to her Maya account. She says she is getting ready now and is waiting to book a grab. At the last minute, she asks money again and says she just needs to add money to her Maya account for something urgent then she will give me the cash when we meet. Alarm bells final rang in my stupid head at that point and I said I won’t send anymore more until we meet. She apologies and says she can’t meet anymore, then never replies. 

The most suspicious thing she asked for was to do a video cam show (VCS) where she wanted both cameras on while we were doing our thing. She asked this a few times including at the last minute before we were supposed to meet. Good thing I wasn’t into that as I suspect she would have recorded that session and likely use that to blackmail me. 

Again, I am sharing this information to protect my fellow GMs. I have no intention to get back the money I lost. As they say, charge it to experience. Take care guys, there are a lot of bad people with bad intentions. Good luck and happy hunting.



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