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Batanes is the close top 1 destination I've visit locally. What makes Batanes majestic is not only the sceneries but also the Ivatan people. Taught me the importance of preserving our values and traditions. Budget approx. 55k for 2 for 5 days kasama na air fare that was 5 years ago. Best to book a local tour guide. I enjoyed going around and up and down the island on a tricycle. DIYs are not allowed anymore. There are secret beaches all around. Just please make sure you ask a local for permission first. 

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- Visit the Basco Lighthouse, one of the most iconic landmarks in the province.

- Hike up Mount Iraya, the highest peak in the province.

- Take a boat ride to Sabtang Island, home to white sand beaches and traditional Ivatan stone houses.

- Explore the Chavayan village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

- Go snorkeling or diving in the clear waters around Batanes.


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On 11/17/2022 at 4:35 PM, Bilyards said:

The place is Majestic!

Pang pelikula mga scenery!

you can tour the whole island within the day but best kulang yung 1 week dito for me to really experience everything.

Cant Buy Me Love finale

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