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TAG Heuer 1500 Series two-tone with white dial.



You like it? I'm selling like the one with the metal bracelet. 17k. Bracelet is still tight. Just the Watch, no box nor papers. Just PM me if you're interested.

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hey bonito. met u a few days ago at 90proof with firealexandria, elai and company. i sat next to u for a while. u certainly missed a good time by not coming with us to timog ( remind me to tell u about it pre)


didnt know until i read this thread that u are a timepiece enthusiast.


i also enjoy collecting mechanical ( manual wind and automatic) vintage swiss watches


most items in my colllection are omegas, but i do collect a few non-omegas - my current favorites include a latemodel speedmaster chronograph, a triple date universal geneve with date and second subdials and dayofweek and month apertures, and several other triple dates and chronographs. my oldest watches are from the 1940's. i am looking forward to acquiring older watches but well-preserved watches from the 1930's or older and from reputable watchmakers are kinda expensive.


i liked ur story of restoring your 40 yo speedmaster. hope to compare watches and stories with u and other watch collectors from mtc!!!!


guys and gals, lets keep this thread going



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Hello Armand!

I should have known you were a collector! You were wearing a nice timepiece at 90 proof. I, too collect old Omegas. I think I have a 1948 seamaster, my oldest so far, along with my Bulova Self -winding. Making things work again just gives you that special thrill outside orgasms. :lol:


Nice of you to drop by, Armand!

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I started with a two-tone Citizen quartz chronograph. Then I got a Tissot Atollo 50 diver's style watch as a gift. Next up came a Fossil Blue "retro-style". Then I bought a Swiss Army Officer's Rectangular.


After that I really got into watches. In quick succession over 2 years I have bought and sold:


Seiko Diver's: SKX173, SKX007J, SKX779K, 6306-7001

Hamilton Khaki Mechanical: Limited Edition and non-LE

Zeno "Explorer"

Tutima Pacific diver watch on Bund strap

Universal Geneve Compax Chronograph

Seiko SUS 4S12 GMT

Seiko Bellmatic

Seiko 6138 up/down chronograph

G-Shocks: DW-5000SP reissue, DW-5600E-1V

Casio "Pilot" alarm/chrono

Rolex Oysterdate Precision ref.6694 (I had Rolex Beverly Hills restore this)

Rolex Datejust ref.16014 (RBH restored this too)

Rolex GMT-Master ref.1675 (bought already restored by RBH)

Rolex Submariner ref.14060M

Rolex GMT-Master II ref.16710

Rolex Sea-Dweller ref.16600


I only have the two G-Shocks, the Casio, Seiko 6306 and 6138, Hamilton LE, 6694, 16710, 14060M, and 16600 left. Sold off all the others. The only one I intend to keep is the Sea-Dweller. But I might even sell that one and get an IWC Mk XV black dial.

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i have 4 that i use


an Invicta Lupah regular with a blue face

an Invicta Lupah Dragon with a champagne face

a Stuhrling i forgot the model but it looks like a Corum Bubble blue face

a RitmoMundo


saving for a Paneri Luminor Marina :)


most uses Swiss ETA Movement


Dream watch any Franck Muller that uses a tourbillon movement

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