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La Union

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7 hours ago, northernlights said:

I doubt, it's not the surf season in the west these days. April-August usually are the flat season.

thanks for the info, this helps to plan my return 😊

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3 minutes ago, quantumvortex95 said:

Mga bossing, pwede pa advise? Never pa ako nakapunta ng la union. Weird ba na pumunta dun mag isa para mag party? Wala akong mahatak ng irl friend, and wanna try partying alone. Weird ba yun sa filipino culture?


Thanks in advance sa mga magrereply.

Not weird, a lot of people go there unaccompanied. Just go for it!

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14 hours ago, Jasperrumo said:

La union - mas parang party place na ngayon. mahal na mga bilihin ngayon.

Zambales - mas tahimik kahit pano sa ibang lugar. 


Baler - if you're upto quality surf

la union - begginer surf, mostly long board

zambales - ndi pa ako naka experience ng solid na alon dito.



zambales - pede day trip. mag abot ka lang sa mga bahay para makapag banlaw sa poso, 50 pesos  goods na. walang mga pa cute at pa cool na ndi naman mag ssurf. 

la union - dami choices, cheap to expensive lodging. surfing to nightlife.

baler - more quality waves, a little less choices than LU

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