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Motorcycles and Scooters

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I have received a lot of inquiries as to whether there is a club within MTC which caters to enthusiasts of the motorbikes.... such as this one.....


Author: scubapro

Group: MTC Members (25-124 posts)

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Joined: 1-January 03

Hello again...,


Ms Macy, Di ako qualified to start a new topic sa groups forum, can any one of you start the topic motorbikes..., big bikes, street bikes, scooters, dirt bikes basta may motor, huwag lang bicycles...


I think a lot of MTC members may have motorbikes also, para magkakilala kami lahat...., bikers are also nice people...


Baka may senior member ng MTC who is a biker?


Appreciate it if you can help...




I am sure there are a lot of you out there....

such as Debonaire and Dobermax69 to name a couple..... here is your chance meet each other....

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I'd like to have a Big Bike someday kaya lang ayaw nila ermats..hehe..Gusto ko sana Ducati or Yamaha R1..or kahit a Harley..medyo mahal lang nga.. Sayang rin kasi may classmate ako nung HS and na-meet ko sya 2 months ago and he's into business now ng mga Big Bikes or Superbikes rin ata, somewhere daw in Katipunan area, pero di ko pa na-check ung place.

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badtrip nga lang ngayon kasi tagulan medyo mababawasan yung pagmomotor ko

That's true, tapos maski tapos na yung ulan may mga puddles and inconsiderate car drivers na walang paki sa mga kasabay, I'd like to throw coins at them, yun bang lumang coins, yung malaki.

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am also a biker... i ride a suzuki gsx-r400... and yes, riding can be dangerous kaya you need to be alert all the time if you don't want to end up in a slab... most 4-wheel motorists don't have that much respect with motorcycle riders kasi eh... kaya nga when i ride, i think of myself as invisble... cause most of the time, we are... to other vehicles kaya dapat extra carefull, right?

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oo nga mahirap magmaintain ng motor na tulad sa atin kasi pahirapan maghanap ng spare parts

dude, san location mo? where do you bring your bike for repairs? bad trip kasi eh... ang mahal ng parts, just had my ignition coil replaced & i spent a fortune...surplus pa lang yun...

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oo nga mahirap magmaintain ng motor na tulad sa atin kasi pahirapan maghanap ng spare parts

bukod pa sa mahirap ang spare parts,

mahirap din na makakita ng mechanic para sa bike ko

luma kasieh circa 1972 pa

eh yung dating mekaniko nasa fairview

pa masyado nang malayo ngayon

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hu says it's dangerous??? d naman ano.... got a fructured shoulder badly bruised elbow... sus.... nga pala... m selling my Suomy helmet Gunwind very good condition i wore it 5 times lang... smells good pa!!! 11,000 Troy Corser replica free 2 faceshields... 1 iridium and the other... beats the heck out of me what it is... hehehehe also 1 Spidi jacket... used once... still got the tag on..TRAFFIC model.... 9,500

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