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Unusual Things You Find Attractive

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what are some of the more unusual things that you find attractive, I'm talking unusual here so answers with eyes, tits, ass, are not allowed:


I'll start:


1) chicks with weird noses. Not screwed up noses just oddly shaped ones that on its own is unattractive but somehow fits perfectly with her face. Cooky Chua's nose for example.


2) Chicks with a slight overbite.


3) Kolehiyala sounding chicks or chicks that don't know how to make the hard "R" sound


4) Heels.


5) small dainty feet with naturally pink toenails.


6) biters. Chicks who bite their nails, hair, pen, etc., especially when they're thinking.


7) real smooth armpits


8) chicks who embarass easily and give a naive sort of smile when you say something obscene or naughty.


9) sweaty chicks who still appear poised no matter what.


10) white shirt and jeans.


11) women who can dance. not just sway around, but really shake that booty. Especially women who can salsa.


12) Rocker chicks. with dark eyeliner and black nails.


13) Geek girls. girls who can debate on whether or not Luke Skywalker was a true Jedi.

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