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2 hours ago, Stitches N Cream said:

Hey guys, how’s Robinsons Gale vs Megamall now?

Used to live near those malls and it’s been awhile, since I’m heading there after more than 20yrs, wonder how’s it’s different now?

Galle - recently had a face lift so much livelier na inside. New selection of shops and restos, department store still very limited though. Konti lang tao compared sa mega

Megamall - expanded and may atrium and Mega D or Fashion Hall. Pretty much andito na lahat and ang daming tao lalo na pag weekends.

Try The Podium, beside St Francis, fewer people, few selections ng shops and restos na mostly nasa mid to high end

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Its not big as Malls go but I really like spending time sa Fishersmall sa Quezon Ave.  Its gone thru some changes but I really like it there.  Di ganun kadami mga tao. I like that there are glass walls near escalators that let the sun in and you can see outside.  They used to have the benches there when it was new. The benches are still there but in other areas so they provide places for customers to hang around outside the shops.  I just miss the variety of cuisine that they had when it first opened.  dami ng nawala, replaced by more popular/common restos

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