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must try in sagada:


1. sunset at lake danum

2. sunrise at kiltepan

3. saturday buffet dinner at log cabin

4. big falls

5. cave connection [lumiang to sumaging] - would take around 4-5 hours

6. topload jeepney ride


been there twice, stayed at residential lodge and alibama


1. Not Yet

2. Not Yet

3. Done

4. Done

5. Done

6. Done (In Banawe)


That means I need to return to complete the list :thumbsupsmiley:

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Sagada is freakin awesome!


I was there last October 2008.


The road going to Sagada aint very friendly. If you suffer from motion sickness, better take your bonamines before embarking on the trip.


The mountain breeze is sooooo refreshing. Especially in the morning.


Sumaguing cave is nice too. It wasnt the first time I've experienced spelunking but it certainly opened my eyes for another hobby that I might venture into.


Me and my GF availed of a coordinated tour with a travel agency. Spent like 2,700 something for the tour which included the round trip ride; the tours (excluding the Sumaguing Spelunking experience), which included the hanging coffins, Bomod-ok falls and the Kiltepan rice terraces; and the lodging. The food there is quite cheap so you need not worry. If you want to try the Spelunking, you actually have 2 choices, the easy course and the hard course. Either way, you'll get your moneys worth!


It was he first time I visited Sagada, but definitely wont be my last.

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Sagada is so nice to visit with friends if you really have a week of free time. I went there few years ago and hope to back by next summer. I long trip is really worth it because of the cold weather and the caves with falls and pool. Highly recommended for Filipino and foreign tourist.

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there two way tO GET TO SAGADA... VIA BAGuIO OR Banaue... I SUGGEST YOU TRY THE banaue route GOING TO SAGADA.... ravel by groupso try to invite a group on embarking on your journey... it will be cheaper... upon arrival in banaue you and yur group can rent a van to our banaue first to proceed to sagada via bontoc... from bontoc you can tour the town try their museum.... and do make some withdrawal at the nearby ATM machine in bontoc .... wala banko s sagada..... try the sceanic and slow route to sagada via bontoc... enjoy the tip upon arrival in sagada try to check in at rocks inn or better yet make some early reservation....renting a van could help a lot because the driver could also be your guide.. upon your return o manila try he other route via baguio....

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