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Seeing Your Ex With Someone New

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i see one often but we've been apart for so long that it doesn't really matter, we say hello like old friends.


the other one is a different story. I never really see her anymore, but there was one time I was with my current gf and I saw her out of the corner of my eye, didn't really pay attention to her and I continued talking with my girl. Then I noticed that she kept walking back and forth looking at me (and my girl obviously) this happened about three times. I was LOL'ing inwardly but I kept cool and acted like it was nothing.

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I make sure that he sees me too... I'll flash my sweetest smile to both of them, and walk poised and....flaunt my sexy body.

siguro kung wala na kong feelings for him noon...siguro magagawa ko yun...kaso hinde eh....medyo naging emotional ako sa situation....tas ang nakakasar pa... (parang teleserye)....dahil yun naman talaga ginawa ko..."umatras at tumakbo..." :boo: :blush: ...tinry nya pa ko habulin pero hinabol din sya nung girl at hinila...hahaha! Drama nga naman! :sick:

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It happened to me once,Sad thing is you knew the guy and his a jerk. Lucky for me I was with someone whose younger and more attractive than her. So as a sign of respect i smiled back at her while she was measuring my date. Hay, they leave you then when you're with someone new, they measure your date like as if shes your mother or something. In the dating buisness, the one who misses,losses, so if she has feelings for you, let her be the first to react. If not then when you react first,"Magmumukha ka lang kawawa at desperado."

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If the break-up was done in good faith, no big deal. You're still friends probably. No hard feelings. If you split because you caught the other cheating, ang sama ng break-up nun so panigurado you're pissed. If by chance nagsalubong landas nyo, simple lang solution: Stay calm and act cool in such a way that it would appear you're better off without her. Parang kanta ng U2... With or without you!

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:lol: siguro kung napaaga tong thread malamang masampal ko ex ko, kahit di ko pa nagawang manampal sa guy... but then yung hurt di pa rin siya equal sa ginawa niya...


but then january na nag-open yung thread i can say na i'm so over the hurt and so over him, so if ever i get to see him with someone else... deadma na.... as if wala akong nakita ^_^

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Who gives a damn....


The bitter part for any relationship is the absence of the other, or the inability of the other to do his/her part .....

... such burdens the other .... the other will have to row twice as hard to keep the LOVE BOAT afloat and running


The EX with someone else confirms only that he/she has abandoned ship .....


This will leave the boat by yourself .... Keep rowing for yourself.... this entitles you to accomodate a person

who perhaps will share the same effort as you do ...and enjoy the ride with you....



i dont give a damn and why would i care anyway?!past is past...but if the feeling is there syempre mejo bitter pa ko!but still life must go on!as long as he's happy im happy for him
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